Big, Beautiful, Book fair


Lily Johnson, editor

One week of November our school hosts a book fair. The book fair has been at
Faith for many years, many different themes go into the book fair. Like this year was a pirate theme. There is a lot of hard work put into the book fair and people who put it together deserve to be recognized.
The book fair has been going on at Faith for 19 to 20 years. A lot of hard work goes into setting up the book fair. Mrs. Bowline has been getting the book fair ready since it began. Throughout the years the book fair has been apart of Faith, bringing students and teachers together to create the wonderful event. In fact Mrs. Bowline said, “ Middle school student volunteers and Mrs. Pointer help with the book fair.”
Students go to the book fair for varies reasons. Such as buying books, cool pencils and erasers. One student, Zaila Brinson told a reporter, “Yes, I do like the book fair because of the many choices of books that are not only one subject.” Students at book fairs don’t even have to get books, they are able to purchase posters or bookmarks instead.
Books fairs are common in most schools but not all are the same. For example, Chinaza Politis said, “At my old school the book fair was a lot bigger and a lot more expensive.” Other schools, mostly all have a scholastic book fairs. The book fair is not only a middle school event, elementary schools have the book fair too.
In conclusion, the book fair is a important part of Faith. Many people are involved in the making of this event. The book fair has a lot of interesting qualities, that interest more students to come and enjoy. Overall, the book fair always has something new to offer Faith Lutheran.