Faith Lutheran Student Traditions and Thanksgiving Festivities

Courtesy of A Thanksgiving feast sits prepared on the dinner table. This is what many homes in America look like on Thanksgiving, a November holiday.

Katie Cassady, Staff Writer

Katie Cassady, Staff Writer

As they were dismissed from chapel, FLMS students jumped into their cars and zoomed away to a week-long break from school. The break would last from November 19 to November 27, 2016. Earlier in the day on November 16, students from every advisory class went out into the local Las Vegas community and served various groups and organizations from kindergarteners to senior citizens. After their day of servitude, students and teachers headed home to enjoy a well-deserved week off.

“I think its important to celebrate this holiday because it lets us be thankful for friends, family, and everything else God has given us,” said eigth grader Katie Peccole. “We go to my grandma’s house to eat dinner and afterwards we decorate for Christmas. We don’t really have any traditions, but we always cook the turkey in the oven for the whole day and have traditiional food like mashed potatoes and stuff like that,” Peccole explained. Many other families do the same things on Thanksgiving: cooking, decorating, and eating.

“I think it’s important to celebrate this holiday because its a way of giving thanks to God for all of the things He has blessed us with,” said Zachary Boots, a seventh grade student. “I think the purpose of Thanksgiving break is to give students time to spend with their friends and family that they don’t get to see as often.” Many schools in Las Vegas only give their students Thanksgiving day and the day afterwards off. However, Faith Lutheran gives its students the whole week of Thanksgiving off.

“I think a week is a good amount of time,” said Peccole when asked what she thought about the amount of time. of break students received.

“I think that a week is the perfect amount of time for break because if it’s too long you will forget school work and it will eventually get boring. If it’s too short you won’t have much time to spend with friends and family,” Boots explained.

Taylor Folk, a sixth grade student, tells us that “I had it (Thanksgiving Break) at my old school and it was the same amount of time. I wouldn’t change it because I  think  it’s good that we have the whole week off instead of just Thanksgiving day.” It’s important that students and teachers receive time to relax, take a break from school, and participate in Turkey Day festivities.