PE Sick Notes


Chinaza Politis, Staff Writer

In PE class, students occasionally come to class with injuries or sickness, and the only way to skip class is to have a sick pass signed by a doctor. Some students agree with the rule, each one with personal reasons. Other students agree with the importance of the rule.

The teachers put the rule in place to maximize the time students spend participating in PE. It makes it easier for teachers to make a decision on if the students is capable of participating. Also, it keeps students participating in class in a way that enforces equal rules on all the students.

Some students disagree with the rule, the PE teachers put in place. They say that going to a doctor is to extreme to get a sick pass, and that it doesn’t benefit the students. “It’s not really necessary to have a doctor’s, when you could just tell the truth”. Another reason students are opposed to the rule, is that they had to participate in PE when they couldn’t get a sick note, but had a real injury. They, like other students, think that the rule would be improved if they changed it so that you only needed a signed not from a parent.

Other students agree with the importance of the rule, and think that their peers should too. They say that the rule keeps students from skipping PE for silly reasons. It keeps the students that try to fake injuries, in class and doing physical activity. Though, even students who think that the rule is important agree that they would prefer the sick pass to only need to be signed by a parent.

PE teachers like the rule, it makes their job easier. Though, there are the cases when a student can’t get to the doctor, so a PE teacher can use their own sense of judgment to decide if a student should or should not participate in PE. They believe students like the rule because it is a decree that everyone follows, so all students are held to the same standards. Teachers also believe that students dislike the rule because it stops them from getting out of units or sports they don’t like. PE teacher Coach Knight states,”Too often today students relate discomfort to disability.”

For some Faith Lutheran students, the fact that they need sick notes signed by doctors, doesn’t affect them much. For other students, who get sick more often or are athletes, this rule puts them at a disadvantage, as sometimes they don’t need to see a doctor or don’t have time. Coach Knight  gives us a reason for support of the rule,”It sets a clear standard and that way there aren’t any hurt feelings or perceived inconstancies about students sitting out in class.”