Christmas decorations; how early is too early to start celebrating the holidays?

Christmas decorations usually bring up some controversy about when they should get put up, or when people should start celebrating the holidays. Students have brought up many different opinions about the holiday festivities.

Around the beginning of October we saw decorations for the holidays start to pop up. This brings up some controversy as to when it is too early to put up Christmas decorations. Most people tend to put up their decorations at the end of November or the beginning of December, but some people choose to opt for Christmas decorations instead of Halloween. There are houses and neighborhoods know around the city that celebrates with Christmas decorations before November even begins.

When people first see stores with Christmas decorations for sale it brings up different reactions for different people. Some people thin that seeing decorations in sores for the first time is exciting and makes them happy knowing the holidays are coming, but others believe that the stores should wait until after Thanksgiving to even start talking about Christmas.

Many neighborhoods and communities that Faith students live in have restrictions as to when holiday decorations can be put up, and when they have to be taken down. Most communities say the decorations must be down within a month of Christmas, or a fine will have to be paid. The same thing happens when people try to put decorations up. The majority of neighborhoods in Las Vegas can’t put up decorations until late November or the beginning of December. Other communities have restrictions about how many decorations are aloud on the homes. Some say lights can’t be above the first story of a two story house, others say only a certain amount of inflatable decorations are ok.

Celebrating Christmas brings up more controversy than most people think. It can become a more stressful time of year than a peaceful holiday, but it brings joy to other peers.