Faith Lutheran Has Their First Orchestra and Band Concert

Michael Mincer, Staff Writer

Jasmine Liang

On October 16th, Faith Lutheran’s students were blown away at the school’s first concert of the year. Whether it came to Orchestra’s overture, to the Marching Band’s powerful pastorale, this concert was considered as an overall success.

This concert occurred on the first weekend of the second quarter, which gave all four groups performing seven weeks to practice. These four groups were High School/Middle School Orchestra, High School/Middle School Band, Marching Band, and High School Symphony. This event was run by the instructor of all four groups, Mr. Daniel Zeigner.

After being asked why this concert was different than any others throughout the year, Zeigner replied, “It would be the first concert for the beginners, the first premiere of the High School Symphony, and it would be the only concert of the year that included the Marching Band.”

In the school year of 2015-2016, The Middle School/High School Orchestra was instructed by a teacher named Mrs. Leanne Lugo. However, during the Summer, Lugo discovered that she could not teach Orchestra anymore, and left Faith Lutheran. For the year of 2016-2017, Mr. Daniel Zeigner decided that he was to take over the teaching of the Middle School/High School Orchestra. This concert was the first concert after Lugo left Faith Lutheran, which left the High School/Middle School Orchestra having to slightly adjust.

“Having him [Mr. Zeigner] as a teacher,” says 8th grade violinist Jasmine Liang, “has been pretty easy so far, considering that he’s already a bass player.”

The Faith Lutheran Marching Band is the only musical group in the school that is not split up into both Middle School and High School bands. This concert was a great way to spotlight the Marching Band, since the only other times that you would see the Marching Band would be at Faith Lutheran football games, which only appeal to some.

“My favorite part of Marching Band,” says 8th grade percussionist, James McCombs, “would be the practices, and how much we involve God in what we do.”

Faith Lutheran’s future in fine arts is growing immensely as time goes on. Zeigner says that, in this year, the High School Band and Orchestra are going to go on nine other concerts, and the Middle School Band and Orchestra are going to go on six.

“High School Orchestra and Band will be going to places like Springs Preserve, Clark High School, and even Iceland.” says Zeigner.