Dance Team Uniforms

Sophie Turner, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran is a wonderful school and it is known for it’s religious freedom, amazing curriculum, extracurricular activities, and its sports. One of the many sports at Faith is the dance team. Dance team girls preform at football games, assemblies, and other school events. However, dance team uniforms are nearly a decade old and it shows, whereas, middle school A-team football got new uniforms this year, provided by the school.

“I think that it is crazy that football just got new uniforms, because dance team works just as hard as A-football team,” said Christina Collwell, a 7th grader on the dance team.

“We always get one or two new uniforms each year, for the students that the older uniforms don’t fit. It has been quite a while since we have gotten the team as a whole new uniforms. The reason is I can’t find a uniform I like for the team.”  Said Mrs. Chris, head coach of middle school dance team.

The middle school dance team uniforms are also hard to keep clean since the uniforms are completely white, because of this you can notice multiple stains on the uniforms.

Where is all the money going to and why? If Faith buys new uniforms every 2-3 years for sports it’s unnecessary, because uniforms can last up to five years. If the students are paying for them then the students should obviously keep them. It would be helpful if Faith figured out a plan for buying new uniforms. If they chose to go with the student-buying path some students might not be able to afford to buy new uniforms. If Faith went with the school-buying path, it would save more money if they chose a certain amount of years they would keep the uniforms.