White Adidas Good for the Whole Year?

The white Superstar Adidas is done in a White leather upper, a white rubber shell toe, white laces and lining, and hits of black noted on the three stripes panels and heel. What differentiates this version from past offerings is the fact that the entire White leather base comes covered in a grid-like pattern to help give the shoe a brand new look and feel. It’s still simple, it just now comes with a little extra. 2016 is continuing on the revived adidas Originals Superstar trend that began last year.

“I like the white adidas because they are cute and go with any outfit,” said seventh grader Eden Schneider.

Some people think these shoes are only supposed to be worn in the summer, but they are wrong. These shoes are the type of shoes that you can wear all year round. Even though these shoes are such a big trend, they have many downsides for many people. Example, the Nike business. Adidas, under its hotshot new boss, is making big-time moves in a bid to close the gap on giant Nike.

“I don’t like the white adidas because they are ugly and make people’s feet look fatter than they really are,” said eighth grader Gwyn Odonell.

These are the new trend this year at Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School, even though many kids dislike these new shoes. How did these shoes become such a big trend?

“I think they are a big trend this year because everyone likes them and they are very simple,” said seventh grader Anna Kate McLaurin.

In conclusion to this article, the white adidas are the new thing and everyone is starting to wear them to “fit in”. Just know, just because many people people are starting to wear these new shoes, doesn’t mean you have too.

“ I like the white adidas because they are something Ive never had before and they go with everything”, said 8th grader Teagen Flourens.