Popularity of the cafe across the middle school population


Sabrina Richards, Editor

One item sighted daily at the campus of Faith Lutheran: a Starbucks cup. With the prime store location near Faith, and the familiar trademark of the company, it seems no wonder that the students and faculty respond to the popularity of the restaurant.

On Monday, October 24, a survey was sent out to all middle school students via email. A sample of 100 responses out of a total of 256 responses was used for the following data. Furthermore, the spell of caffeine brewing and the steam rising from a hot cup o’ Joe sparks interest for many Faith Students.

“I think all of their drinks are really food, and you can either get something with a lot of caffeine, or something with a lot of sugar, depending on what you want,” said eighth grader, Lauren Kling.

But, enjoying the coffee shop may not be the case for all students.

In fact, ten percent of respondents do not have an opinion about Starbucks, and four percent do not like Starbucks. In other words, 86 percent of students enjoy Starbucks.

Students at Faith enjoy many different drinks. Eighth grader, Makayla Goldman, said her favorite drink is “the passion fruit tea,” while sixth grader, Isabella McGinnis, said, “sometimes I get a green tea latte and sometimes I get a red velvet frappuchino.”

The choices seem endless, but as a result of the second part of the survey, students know exactly what from Starbucks satisfies the thirsty taste buds of their peers.

If the student answered “Yes, I do enjoy Starbucks,” to the first question, he or she continued to the next question of the survey. 29.55 percent of the sample responses answered that their favorite type of drink are the Frappuchino Blended Beverages, and hot chocolate comes in second at 10.32 percent. Additionally, Refresher Beverages, at 9.09 percent, are a close third.

“They [Starbucks] have very good bagels there, along with coffee,” said sixth grader, Zachary Flandermeyer. Not only do students order drinks from Starbucks, they order food. Food favorites from the survey are as follows.

Bakery products and cake pops tie at 32.63 percent each for favorite type of food across the sample responses.

For hungry students, a close Starbucks location is ideal for a quick bit to eat before or after school. The closest Starbucks location in relation to Faith Lutheran would be 10260 West Charleston Boulevard #1, Las Vegas, Nevada 89135.

“I am tired in the morning, and it wakes me up,” Goldman said.

A Shift Supervisor at this location said she sees, “a lot of students [from Faith] after school, and sometimes beforehand with parents.”

According to the Shift Supervisor, “white mochas, cinnamon swirl cakes, blueberry muffins, and Americanos hot or cold,” are highly ordered items at that particular Starbucks store.

Students may think the products at Starbucks are delicious.

“All of their stuff tastes really, really, really, really good,” said McGinnis.

But, is it all “really good” in terms of health?

The most popular drinks, the Frappuccino Blended Beverages, can range, depending on flavor, anywhere between 370-440 calories for the 16 ounce (grande) size. Specifically, the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino contains 16 grams of fat, 59 grams of carbohydrates, 57 grams of sugars, 240 milligrams of sodium, and 55 milligrams of cholesterol.

“I wish that not every thing had high sugars. It is your entire sugar intake for the entire day, so if they [Starbucks] could cut back on the sugar, it might be better,” said Kling.