Good or bad? School Uniforms at Faith

Avery Collins , Staff Writer

The Shield at Faith Lutheran
At Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School, students have a requirement to wear uniforms to promote school spirit and an improve self-image, while maintaining a neat appearance of the student body, as described in the student handbook. Some students however, feel that they should have more say in what they wear.

“I like wearing uniforms because you don’t have to go through the trouble of picking out outfits everyday, but the bad part about wearing uniforms is you don’t get to express your style.” said seventh grader Shelby Twist.

Most students at this school believe the same as Shelby. Students feel that they should have more of a choice with their daily outfit. A daily outfit at Faith includes a polo shirt with the school logo on it in various colors (black, maroon, and white) and black or khaki shorts/pants. On Friday, students have the opportunity to wear Faith Lutheran spirit wear or a regular uniform. Every student at Faith must purchase uniforms at the Shield or school thrift store.

“I don’t like our school uniforms mainly because of the collars on the shirts.” said sixth grader Grace Cannito, “I think we should be able to wear spirit clothes everyday instead of just on Friday.”

Some students at Faith, however, who think that uniforms are a good idea at Faith.

“I like wearing uniforms because it gives us a chance to express ourselves and not have other people judge us for what we wear. Uniforms give a little bit of authority so the school is not just chaos,” said sixth grader Sali Rahmani.

The Shield at Faith Lutheran has student’s uniform needs throughout the entire school year. At the Shield, a variety of Faith Lutheran themed products are sold. Students can also purchase uniforms or spirit wear at the school thrift store. While the Shield is on campus, the school thrift store is approximately 5 miles according to Google Maps, and can prove as a challenge for some Faith students and parents. The uniforms are by the staff of the Shield and the uniforms are made and distributed from certain vendors.

“We order the uniforms and applicator the Faith Lutheran logo to our uniforms,” said Mrs. Caico,” We carry products like Dickies and Sport Tek polos for students.”

The students here at Faith Lutheran definitely have different thoughts when it comes to the topic of school uniforms. While some believe uniforms don’t give students the individuality they deserve, others believe that uniforms bring a sense of authority. All together, students either like or dislike the uniforms required at Faith.