3D Printers At Faith Lutheran


Photo by Owen Thompson

The Polar3D printers create a design in the Library. The new devices open opportunities for creativity, through their flexibility.

Owen Thompson, Editor

This year, Faith Lutheran gained entirely modern, advanced 3D printers; though, with that came some apparent confusion from students.

The new 3D printers are located in the library near its computers. According to Technology Services Coordinator Mr. Tom Chalfant, the printers will largely be used in High School design classes such as those taught by Mr. Kober. However, students seem to believe the machines serve a different purpose.

“I think they’re used to make images look more realistic,” said 8th grader Avik Pilafjyan, regarding the purpose of the printers, “or like an actual object.”

Regardless of their use, the printers’ methods of production remain somewhat unknown. 8th grader Denida Rahmani believes that, using an image, the machine “draws it out, using plastic, like these new 3D pens that have come out.” Those pens use simple, solid plastic production, whereas, according to the 3D printers’ manufacturer, Polar3D, the machines print wirelessly via fused filament fabrication, a method through which purchased filament is melted and shaped into the designated result.

However, it does appear that students find the 3D printers necessary. “Yes, I think they are a necessity,” said Pilafjyan, “since they can now be used for more school projects.”

The school’s technology coordinators seem to have similar opinions, as well. “It is a necessity as we move forward, to make things happen quicker, and more efficiently,” said Technology Services Coordinator Chalfant. However, Chalfant also expressed that “technology is technology, and it’s only a tool,” meaning that, while technology has its uses, the school could use an alternative method, though finding another way could prove difficult.

8th grader Rahmani’s opinion on whether or not the printers will be permanent accurately sums up the entire situation. “I feel that 3D printers will be here to stay. Because of the advancing technology, Faith Lutheran will be up-to-date, and we will eventually need them.”