The bottle flip heard round the world


Canyon Kutch, Staff Writer

As the years go by, trends at Faith Lutheran continue to grow and grow. Kendamas, Lokai bracelets, and now water bottle flipping are a daily ritual for most of our students that attend our school.

As kids, students want to try to be as popular as they can, by doing this we copy all of the popular trends. Once Mike Senatore water bottle flipped it spread among nations. The bottle flip-idisJust like yawns; trends are contagious, saying that if we see somebody popular do something we want to do it also to become popular.

This one trend started because of a high schooler named Mike Senatore who attends Audrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was time for the end of the school year talent show. Mike wanted to end the school year with a bang. He preformed his act along with dancing and then the water bottle flip. He finally flipped the bottle and the crowd went crazy. Luckily somebody filmed the performance and the video went viral. In the matter of seconds, the whole world started flipping bottles.

Christopher Schwarz said, “It think the video is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life.” Most of the kids that were interviewed feel the same way about the water bottle flipping video.

Many trends are big for a couple of weeks and they die but this particular trend continues to grow and grow.

“At Faith water bottle flipping has become less popular because Mr. Kothe is starting to lock down on flipping the bottles,” said sixth grader, Will Sullivan.

“Around the world water bottle flipping is becoming popular because many people are discovering more cool tricks to land,” said sixth grader, Avery Lasarski. It is fun to be with your friends and land the water bottle and everybody goes crazy.

As fore mentioned before this trend also compares to the fad of the hit toy kendamas. According to most students these were the hobbies of the centuries.

“with kendamas you could play games against people where with water bottle flipping all you can do is flip the bottle and land it,” said Will Sullivan.

“no, with kendama it was actually something, trying to accomplish something. Where all you can do is flip the water bottle over and over again. I do thing they are both good time takers though, ” said Schwarz.