The impact of chapel on faith students

Chapel has had a key focus at our school since its founding; it is an important part of

student life at Faith Lutheran. Middle school students have the message of Christ re-iterated every week at chapel. Many students enjoy chapel because of Applied Christianity’s hilarious skits and witty jokes; however, does it benefit our students to the extent that it seems to be?

Seventh grade student Colin Madden said of chapel, “We learn a lot about Jesus and what he did for us.” During chapel, students learned about Jesus’s many sacrifices and His saving love and grace.

In chapel Christians are allowed to express their faith boldly and non-believers are given the opportunity to hear about His saving love and grace.

Ms.. Krafft, a teacher of Why We Believe and Applied Christianity said that, “I think that it’s important for everyone who goes to school to see, number one they are not alone and number two there are kids who honestly believe in Jesus.”

The unique approach of students leading chapel is a part of what makes Faith Lutheran different from other Christian schools.

Mrs. Krafft adds,”I think the messages are more clear because students are presenting it instead of adults just talking at them.” So, is applied Christianity bettering our experience at Faith?

Seventh grade student Foster Cottingham certainly thinks so. “Yes chapel has made an impact on my life with God because it has taught me more about how I can trust him,” he said. When asked about a message that had a spiritual impact on him, Cottingham responded, “I

liked the message when they [Applied Christianity] told us why you could trust the Bible because it really explained why you can trust it and no other ‘holy’ book.”

Applied member Daniel Adolfo gives students an inside look at how chapel affects applied members spiritually and physically. He says,”I think it benefits me because even though we are teaching the message I also learn about the message as we [Applied students] are doing it, seeing it from a different perspective.” Adolfo later adds,”First, we thoroughly learn about the message, then, we rehearse our lines and smooth everything out perfectly for the next week.”

As you can see, Applied Christianity members work extremely hard to perfect our chapels. However, is chapel making our faith walks grow?

Adolfo goes on to state,”I think chapel definitely strengthens my faith walk with God. Each chapel I learn something new and I can apply it to my life.”

Student’s faith walks are truly something that is not focused on in other schools. Applied Christianity and weekly chapels are really all about strengthening our relationship with our Creator. The faith walk of the student is vital because they are the difference between eternal rejoicing and eternal punishment. Applied does a great job of teaching the gospel message clearly and passionately. The same message of love, grace, and forgiveness is echoed every week by our chapel leaders. Obviously, our faith walks are of great importance to the faculty and staff of our school.

Ms. Krafft eloquently states,”Our [student and teacher] faith walks matter critically because they are of eternal significance. I hope that anyone who graduates as an eighth-grade or a senior goes off into the world and are very successful people, but it is more important that every single one of them join me in Heaven in the end, because that is of eternal significance.”

Teachers at Faith Lutheran think like Ms. Krafft; they value our faith walks. Because student’s faith walks are of eternal significance, they are Faith Lutheran’s main priority.

Mrs. Krafft adds,”If we [Christians] don’t pay attention to our faith walk, we [Christians] might go on to another path and I pray that every single one of them joins me in heaven in the end, because that is of eternal significance. If we don’t pay attention to our faith walk, we might go on to another path, and I certainly don’t want anyone to do that. I want everyone to stay on the narrow path that leads to Christ.”

In conclusion, Applied Christianity members are dedicated, according to the Applied members that were interviewed. chapel is a time every week that we set aside to praise God. Students like Foster think that chapel helps people grow in their faith and gives students many opportunities to praise God, while others may think that chapel isn’t doing as much as is thought to be doing. Finally, chapel is given top priority at Faith Lutheran to help students grow in faith.