Halloween safety takes the scares out of the holiday for everyone in the community


Courtesy of zliving.com A woman hands out candy to a group of trick or treaters. This is a familiar scene that occurs in our community every year on Halloween.

McKenzie Ballif, Staff Writer

Every year, accidents are bound to happen on Halloween. With millions of trick-or-treaters roaming the streets on the same night, danger seems almost unavoidable. Everyone hears the tales of poisonous candy and the overwhelming amount of out of control drivers, but what real dangers should people look out for this year, and what can others do to stay safe?

Students at Faith Lutheran have various concerns about the dangers this Halloween.

“I’m looking out for kids crossing the street and not getting hit by cars because that’s happening a lot. I’m a little worried about some rumors going around about suspicious people but I think it’s a joke so I think I’ll be fine if I stay close to my friends,” said seventh grader, Lydia Heislen.

One student expresses his biggest concerns

“My only concern is not getting enough candy. I will also be watching out for kidnappers,” said eighth grader, Jad Damaj.

Popular concerns of many are reckless drivers and suspicious people harming others, specifically children. According to cbsnews.com, the top three dangers to look out for are tampered candy, decorations turning into an arsonist (jack-o-lanterns), and reckless drivers. Are people focusing on unimportant things making their mind stray away from more important dangers?

While out trick-or-treating kids in the community will take their own safety precautions in order to stay safe.

“I will stay with a parent,” said sixth grader, Hailey McDougall.

Students in other grades agree that they will stay safe by staying with a group and not wandering off alone.

While there are many dangers, people are not deciding to stay home out of fear.

“I have no fear so I will not be staying home,” said eighth grader, Jad Damaj.

Even though people have concerns about the dangers of Halloween, fear will not keep them home since there are plenty of ways to stay safe. Students will be mindful and keep a watchful eye out this Halloween in order to avoid any dangerous outcome of any situation. Whether students are trick or treating or not, they will manage to stay safe by taking their own precautions while roaming out in the community.