Mark 10:14; teamwork, sports, and fun


Courtesy of Cindy Seigle Lydia’s first assembly with the cheer team. She was put in so much joy, because of the love and support her teammate showed her.

Kennedy Carmen, Staff writer

The Mark 10:14 program at Faith Lutheran Middle and High School is a program that helps students with disabilities participate in the same classes and activities as the students without the disability. Many students apart of the Mark 10:14 program participate in many extracurricular such as cheerleading and basketball.

Lydia Bethard,a seventh grader apart of the Mark 10:14 program, is participating in a sport this year. This is her first year on the cheer team, and she said she loves it.

“My friends were on the team, so I thought I guess I could try it out and do it,” Bethard said.

Many people have encouraged her to participate this season, and have been encouraging her to try out next year as well.

“Yes, I will try out next year, because it is fun, and the games are fun,” said Bethard

Being on the team has influenced Lydia a lot to step out of her comfort zone, and have fun.

“Lydia is fun to work with, because it is fun to see her improve and she is fun to talk to,” said Ryan Chapman, one of Lydia’s teammates.

She says she notices the differences between Lydia and the other teammates that participate on the cheer team.

“Her being on the team shows me that they aren’t that different from us, and even though Lydia can’t do as many things as we can, like stunt and tumble, we still include her as a part of our team, and she is still a big member,” Chapman said.

Lydia being on the team has affected many of her teammates, and has brought a new point of view about Mark 10:14 to a lot of them.

“I think Lydia gives us a lot more spirit, because whenever she is in a good mood she dances and puts the rest of the team in a better mood, and yeah she just brightens up all of our days,” Chapman said.

Brooke Roberts, another Mark 10:14 student, is planning on participating in basketball as she did last year.

“I like it, because we shoot the ball and do stuff a lot” Roberts, a seventh grader at Faith.

Roberts was on the team last year, and her teammates were very encouraging towards her and made her feel comfortable.

Even though there are various struggles, such as finding a mentor to watch the students during practices, having these students take part in these various activities benefits them and their teammates in many different ways. Mark 10:14 students are now becoming more comfortable with the school, and the students they socialize with thanks to being involved with other kids in extracurricular activities.