Builder’s Club: building a better future

Connor Bartels, Staff Writer

There are many clubs at Faith Lutheran, whether they be for fun or for the community; however only one club does serves the community and does much more with the service hours that they do throughout the year.

Builder’s Club is an extracurricular activity at Faith Lutheran that works with the community. At the end of the year each student in Builder’s Club must have 30 service hours. Each week, the club has a meeting before school on Thursdays at 7:30 every . The only time they don’t have a meeting is the first Thursday of the month. In these meetings members discuss what they could do for upcoming events.

“I like being able to serve in the community and give back to others,” said Maggie Skinner, a member from Builder’s Club, which is a place were you can give back to your community and put a smile on someone’s face.

If you went to the Fall Festival you might have seen members from Builder’s Club with their own booth. They helped Student Council with the festival and ran a Cupcake Booth in this event. They help both the Las Vegas and the Faith Lutheran community.

They have also made cards for soldiers that are deployed around the world. The cards tell them that they are appreciated for risking their own lives to protect their country.

Builder’s Club has some upcoming events such as Operation Christmas Child. In the event students and teachers make boxes filled with toys and other objects for the less fortunate.

The boxes are then shipped to another country where they are handed out to the kids that live there.

“We participate with Make-A-Wish and participate in their walk each year,” said Mrs. Walo, the directer of Builder’s Club.

The Walk for Wishes is a fundraising event that helps raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Walk for Wishes has many locations all around the country so everyone can participate without traveling such a far distance.

“In Builder’s Club we do service events and so far we have been at the fall Festival and are planning some more events such as Operation Christmas Child,” said Natalie Othick, another member of Builder’s Club.

These kids do more than just big events though, most service hours that these kids do not interrupt any of their classes.

As the year continues Builder’s Club will continue planning and participating in more and more events, as well as keep giving back to their community.