Middle school academic opportunities

By staff writer, Liam Stumacher.

By staff writer, Liam Stumacher.

Liam Stumacher, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran provides students with many opportunities to specialize in core and extracurricular classes, which opens up more educational options in middle school and high school. Of particular importance, these classes enhance students’ experiences and prepare them to learn about potential future careers, and whether they are actually interested in those fields.

These opportunities include the academies STEM, Justice and Advocacy, Film and Broadcast, and Business and Entrepreneurship. These courses provide early specialized information and learning for middle schoolers as they begin to advance in their early educational career. These educational opportunities occur through classes that focus on a particular subject matter that may not ordinarily be available in other schools, especially at such an early age.

To find out about these classes students can ask a teacher, ask someone from an academy, or find out more information on the Faith website. Students can also speak with parents or people involved in one of these academies, such as Andy Chiu, a community lawyer providing services and knowledge for students in mock trial.

“I’ve just updated the website for STEM, Justice and Advocacy, and for Business and Entrepreneurship. Also, on the websites I’m listing the activities students can get involved in.” Mrs. Emily Blank, a science teacher and STEM director said, “For all the activities, students have to watch the announcements for dates and times and any changes.”

The STEM program offers specialization in many subjects, such as science, technology math, and engineering. The Justice and Advocacy program sharpens student skills in the field of

law and other similar subjects, and increases their knowledge in verbal and analytical skills. The Business and Entrepreneurship academy is comprised of project-based classes which provide students with real-world business situations. Film and Broadcast develops students and helps make them into artistic leaders in filmmaking, screenwriting, and editing.

Out of the many opportunities, which are the most popular for students? Most students believe STEM classes and Mock Trial are the most popular for various reasons.

“Probably STEM math, STEM science, and Mock Trial are the most popular because they are fun and the teachers are good,” said seventh grader Ryan Ornstien.

“Mock trial probably is the most popular option. My friends did it last year and said it was fun,” said seventh grader Logan Allen. Also, according to teachers, these classes appear to be the most popular as well.

“STEM is the most well known and most established because it has been around the longest. After that, Justice and Advocacy, which includes Mock Trial, had a big following recently, kids really seemed to like it. I think many students participate in Film and Broadcasting for their electives, because kids are really excited about it from the class’s creative differences,” said Mrs. Blank.

How will students prepare for these amazing opportunities provided by from Faith? Do students have study habits and how do they get ready for these advanced classes?

“I prepare for those classes by taking advanced courses now in middle school. I study for the tests, especially the Semester Finals,” said Ornstien. Studying and getting good grades may be crucial in Middle School to get into academies and classes, so study habits and how students prepare now can effect the courses they get into. For example, according to the Faith Lutheran

website, to get into engineering, architecture, and biomedical STEM classes you need a 95% or above in standard Physical Science. However, these classes, despite the difficulty to pass, can help you get the job(s) or degrees you would like. Faith Lutheran has a variety options which many students believe seem enough, but not all the students think Faith has everything they need.

“Faith Lutheran does a really good job, but I think they should have a study group or test prep option,” said Ornstien. However, other students believe the school has it all covered.

“I think Faith is just fine with all the clubs that we have right now,” said Allen. Teachers agree with Allen, especially because every club, activity, and class already requires a teacher or chaperone. However, as Faith Lutheran has plenty of activities that require teachers to be present, the school does not want to wear them out with any more clubs or responsibilities. That being said, the school just added two new clubs known as Visa and Cyber Patriots, but this may be a result of the dedication of the Faith community.

In conclusion, Faith Lutheran has plenty of classes and opportunities for students to progress in and improve their education. Students prepare for these classes by taking advanced courses in Middle School. With all these classes, most students believe Faith has enough options for them to excel in.