Police Dogs help Officers in many ways


The cost of police dogs vary by breeder and the breed of the dog. They can cost up to 8,000 dollars and training for the dogs can cost around 12,000 dollars.

Jax Lewis, Staff Writer

Police dogs are more than just a police officers helper, but are companions to the officers that they serve. Officers often form close bonds with the dogs that serve them. They can help protect them when criminals attack or try to run away from them. About two months ago a police dog working for the Las Vegas metro police department named Nicky was shot and killed in friendly fire according to nydailynews.com

“Nicky died doing what we trained him to do and quite frankly, what he loved to do — and that is going after the bad guy,” said Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill. Memorials were held for the pooch about a week later. Officers were saddened by the event as they were very close to the dog. There are 25 dogs serving the Las Vegas valley as if 2015.

The training process of the dogs start out very young so that they can help the officers when they grow up.

“K9 police dog training starts when the dog is still a young puppy.” Said puppyinstitute.com. Puppy’s training can often last up to a year depending in the breed. The dogs learn how various skills including drug sniffing and attacking. Also according to puppyinstitute.com while under the training process dogs must be able to perform their duties under stress, in loud chaotic environments and sometimes with minimum guidance. All of these different skills will eventually help them stop criminal activity with their commanders.

The dogs jobs vary per position. Breeds such as beagles and blood hounds find different scents which can help them to sniff out drugs and possibly things such as bombs. Other breeds such as German shepherds help attack other criminals and protect officers. Students from faith have formed there opinions on the K-9 Unit.

“I believe that the dogs can help drug bust and help police officers catch the bad guys.” Said seventh grade student Kyia House.

Other students also believe that the K-9 unit can really help

” I’ve actually seen police dogs sniff bags in the airport, and it looked really interesting,” said seventh grader Tyler Munding.

Police dogs are a real help to police departments all around the world. For example in the 2012 olympics held in London, 150 bomb sniffing dogs were on hand helping guards keep the olympics a safe place.