Out with the old!

Faith due to replace current football turf


Dubem Ezeanolue

The replacement of the field will take place the week after school is over and take approximately six weeks to complete. Along with changes to the field, other jumping areas around the field will be remodeled.

Dubem Ezeanolue , Staff Writer

The football field that many at Faith have played a sport or activity on is going to be removed and be replaced during the summer. With a new and improved field that will have a new look and design is planned for the field to last another eight or nine years.

The last replacement for the field occurred nine years ago.

Due to the long length of time it has been used, fibers slowly falling apart, and the extremely hot summers caused the field to gradually worn down.

The field also has many patches surrounding the field.

“When our current field was installed, and I believe it was 9 years ago, it was done knowing full well that the life span was about 8 years, and it has had very high traffic on it.” said Director of Middle School Athletics Mr. Ben Ersland.

The worn out field does not endanger the safety of any of the students.

The new field will include a variety of different items including a new color scheme with brighter colors.

With the improvements for the field, there comes many others improvements for the jumping event areas for track & field.

“Besides the field, we’re going to resurface the pole vault runway, the high jump runway, and the long jump runways, “ said Director of Facilities Mr. Gary Daning. “Right now they’re black asphalt. When we redo them it will match the track.”

The replacement for the turf will cost about $319,200. Most of the money to replace the turf will come from the general school fund. The replacement for the field commonly occurs every eight to nine years.

The replacement of the field will take place about a week after school closes on June 3. The process to replace the field will take about six weeks.
Some students have an idea of why the replacement of the field will happen.
“Probably, because it’s getting old and the grass on the football field is coming off, and they just want a new one because football is one of the major sports,” said seventh grader Ryan Chapman.

Once the current field has been removed and replaced, the turf will be given away.

“We’re donating some of it to some of our churches that have outdoor play grounds, that they want to use the turf in place of the grass they have right now,” said Daning. “Whatever is leftover from that will just get thrown away.”

The new turf for the football field is expected to last longer and have a new look and feel.

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