Some teenagers gaining fame after posting videos on newest social media app

Photo by Staff Writer, Kylie Pike

Sixth Graders Aria Sedillo and Jiselle McClendon making a before school. Some musical.lys they make include popular dances like the dab.

Kylie Pike, Staff Writer

The popular social media app, has gone viral over the past year helping teenagers earn millions of followers. By posting dancing, singing, and lipsyncing videos, people’s lives have changed after gaining millions of followers. allows users of all ages to lip sync or dance to any song. People have been featured on this app and have gotten millions of likes.

Well known people on this app include Jacob Sartorius, Baby Ariel, Loren Beech, Hunter Rowland, Blake Gray, Mark Thomas, and many more.

Students at Faith also have this app, with which they post and watch musical.lys on.

“Yes, I do have,” said eighth grader Sam Free, “but I use it as a joke for my finsta on Instagram. My favorite people on are Toni Carlo and Isabella Crea,” said Free.

Other people who have post vidoes based on what they like to do.

“I have, but I usually just post dancing videos,” said eighth grader, Natalie Price.

Although these people have gained many followers and fans, some people think users on this app don’t have any talent and shouldn’t be famous because of

“Even though they have a lot of followers, it’s kind of a joke to get famous off of, because you’re lipsyncing,” said Price.

Others disagree and consider to be an opprotunity for people to do what they love.

“I think the pros of having this app is you get to do what you’re passionate for,” said Science teacher Mrs. Beth Jacobs. “I think some cons as well could be the type of music that some kids dance or lipsync to.”

Getting famous off of has given people the opporotunity to do new things that many kids their age wouldn’t be able to do. For example, going on tour, meet ups, releasing music, and being featured in films or commercials.

For example, popular viner, youtuber, and user Cameron Dallas starred in the movie, “The Outfield,” last Novemeber.

Different trends also happen and start off of Some popular dance challenges include the “Don’t Judge me Challenge,” “Groovy Challenge,” “Lean and Dab,” and the most recent one, “Running Man Challenge.”

The app is meant to be used by people thirteen and older, but kids younger than that also use the app, which has caused controversy.

“There are a lot of younger kids on making videos,” said eighth grader Toni Carlo.

Due to this, many people have made fun of these musical.lys, and have posted videos of reacting to them.

A YouTuber named Rice Gum posts viral videos called “These kids must be stopped,” of him roasting people’s musical.lys talking about how inappropriate kids are being for their age. Gum also has made diss tracks of him roasting these users and has lead to on-and-off roasting of each other.

In the end, is meant to be a harmless app which gives teenagers the chance to share their favorite music, dancing, and singing videos.

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