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Movie remakes bring in audiences to see the newer films


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Most movie remakes are made for the money, or to make a better version of the older film. Many movie remakes usually turn out worse than the original, but sometimes they may shock audiences and bring a better look to it.

Jackson Moran, Editor

Movies 2.0, are the remakes worse or better than their originals. Anything 2.0 means a new and improved version, but isn’t always the case with movies. Remakes which often done on original blockbuster hits, so the expectations of the new version is much higher. Most of the time they turn out worse like, “Psycho” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” where the newer version didn’t come close to the original classics.

According to, Hollywood has many reasons for remaking a classic movie. Remakes could appease shareholders. They know people will pay more attention if they called the movie “Robocop” instead of Joel Kinnaman-led action movie. More people, journalists, and reporters would have more interest if they knew it was about the older film which probably did very well. Hollywood decides to make remakes because sometimes, the newer version can actually work and turn out great. One movie remake that turned out very well, “The Karate Kid” grossed a mammoth $176 million (and $359 million worldwide).

Many different movies have had a newer version. Remakes of movies don’t always come out great, and sometimes they end up worse than the original. Even though movie remakes can turn out very badly, people still have high expectations and want to see the newer movie to see how it turns out. Many people see these newer versions because they want to see how the two differ.

Disney has made many movie remakes based on the older cartoon films. The company turns the cartoon classics into non-animated and action-packed films. Movie remakes that people personally enjoyed like “The Jungle Book” and “Cinderella,” have great reviews by most people and critics for the newer films. Another successful movie remake that pleased audiences called “Peter Pan,” includes many different newer movies that are not animated or a cartoon.

Movies like, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Psycho,” have not made a huge difference from the original. The original “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is a classic for most people who have seen the movie and who really enjoyed it.

“I saw “The Jungle Book,” and I thought it was really good. It had a lot of action, and I enjoy action movies because it makes the movie better,” said seventh grade student Amani Talbot El-Nawal. “I also think that the newer “Jungle Book” is way better than the older one because of the action, and it isn’t a cartoon.”

There are websites and critics that have detailed reviews and ratings for all movies such as Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango, Rolling Stone, Empire, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

These critics have made several ratings and reviews for old and new movies. All of these reviews made by the critics have great detail and explain their opinions about the specific movie. Critics include all the points to why they think the movie did terrible or why it did great and should have more sequels to come or a brand new version. Without the critics, directors would have a harder time figuring out what needs more work and what they should include in future movies.

Movies also can relate to comics such as the Marvel and DC Universe. Movies including “Captain America: Civil War,” “Man of Steel,” and “Iron Man” have comics that the movies based on. Comics can relate to books because many books have a movie that usually turns out different than the book. The same goes with comics, but they include lots of pictures and would not have many pages. The movies that base off of the original comics usually turn out different, and somethings might change.

“Another movie that I saw that I thought was amazing was Captain America: Civil War. This movie is probably one of my favorite Marvel movies now because of the fighting, story line, comics, and all the actors. Also one of my favorite Marvel characters is in the movie which is Black Panther because he’s not an original character and looks really cool,” said El-Nawal.

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