Different styles and genre’s of music have different effects on the human mind


In this photo, the Ipod with earbuds symbolizes the listening to and the affects of music. Students seldom know the psychological effects of music, and they continue to listen to their favorite genre depsite the effect the genera could have on the human mind.

Louis De Salvio, Staff Writer

Music draws people of all different ages together. People from all over the world listen tomusic with different effects.

It is a proven fact the music affects a person’s emotional state and personality, although if children who are young listen to music with negative messages the messages start to affect their personalities making them think the terrible moral is okay.At Faith Lutheran the sixth grade alone has over 200 students. For example, if all 200 students were listening at least twice a day to negative music, the negative effects would show more and vice versa.

Although knowing the effects of music seventh grader Julian Misko decides not to change the type of music he listens to.

“I know people who listen to terribly bad music, and I haven’t seen much of a bad effect of music on them. My music doesn’t really have a message, so I wouldn never change the type of music I listen to I think that’s ridiculous.”

Owen Thompson is a seventh grader who enjoys music in slight amounts and thinks it is good that music leads generations.

“Music is truly God’s gift to society, but of course it has bad and good implications. It is great when a piece of music causes a spark in people and leads a group of people.

Some psychologists and councilors are familiar with the effects of music at Faith Lutheran Mrs. Courtney Burns knows about the effects of music, and for lack of a better word,  keeps censorship part of her home.

“I definitely know the effects of music. I make sure that my kids are well censored, but I make sure to give them free will. I feel the same way about students about Faith students, some of the music that students listen don’t have positive messages but some students handle that message very well and know the difference between good and evil, “said Burns

Overall, music can have positive and negative affects. Some people know how to handle these affects better than others. It is important for music especially the type being listened to by young children that it is censored because if children are listening to positive music then their live’s according to numerious psychological studies tend to be more positive.

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