Students with summer birthdays celebrate with their friends before school ends


Kelsey Howryla

Eighth grade student Emily Smith celebrates her birthday with flowers and balloons from her friends at school. Students with summer birthdays at Faith Lutheran try to celebrate their birthdays with their friends before the school year is over.

Kelsey Howryla, Staff Writer

Many students at Faith celebrate their friends’ birthdays with balloons, presents, and parties, but this often leaves out students with summer birthdays. These students do not get to celebrate their birthdays during the school year with all their friends, but they get a full day during the summer to celebrate with any friends that can come.

“I like not having school, and I get the whole day to myself,” said eighth student Megyn Bowline. “But I also don’t like it because my friends can’t bring me balloons and stuff like that.”

Some students don’t like having a summer birthday for various reasons.

“I don’t like having a summer birthday because I can never celebrate it at school so I don’t get the attention on my birthday like most kids do,” said eighth grade student Lauren Bates.

For some, having a summer birthday can affect them.

“This only affects me because I am older than all the other students,” said Bowline.

For other students, having a summer birthday affects them in a positive way.

“Having a summer birthday affects me because I can look forward to it at the end of the school year,” said eighth grade student Brooke Detommaso.

Students sometimes wish their birthday took place during the school year.

“Sometimes I wish I had a school birthday because I always bring balloons and cakes to my friends, but with a summer birthday they can’t do that for me,” said Bowline.

Since they can’t always celebrate during the summer with their friends, some students celebrate during the school year.

“I celebrated last year by bringing in donuts, and a lot of my friends gave me gifts,” said Detommaso. “Normally my friends leave presents on my desk or bring me balloons before summer.”

A lot of students do celebrate during the summer with any of their available friends.

“On my birthday I usually go out to dinner to celebrate with my family, and I usually have a birthday party with my friends,” said Bates.

Some students woulds rather have larger parties with their friends.

“I celebrate my birthday by having a sleepover,” said Detommaso. “We do things like go to the movies, go swimming, and eat pizza and at night we always see who can stay up the latest.”

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