Students work together to help spread news at Faith


Photo By Chris Schwarz

Faith Lutheran Middle School students gather in the CPAC to see a Broadcast.This was the third broadcast put together for both classes this year.

Many schools do not have access to things that faith does, and one of the student favorites at faith is news broadcasting.

“I think that news broadcasting is the best class I have ever taken and possible the best at Faith,” said seventh grader Canyon Kutch.

Many students really enjoy doing news broadcasting for a variety of reasons.

“I really like news broadcasting becuase it is a lot of fun. You get to hang out with your friends and make broadcasts for the whole school to see,“ said Kutch. “The only way I think I could improve it is I would have a more organized space to film the anchors, maybe a green screen and a table to hold the microphone.”

Many students enjoy the classes work a lot too.

“I like interviewing people and filming things around the school. I love the fact that you get to walk around and talk to people about your story,” said seventh grader Connor Paquette.

Although some people enjoy interviewing, that is not all that goes into a broadcast.

“After you interview for three class periods, then you have  to edit your individual broadcast for one period. After that, you get to put the broadcast together then watch it,” said Kutch. ”Overall it takes about four class periods to make the broadcast,”

When the students do make a broadcast, they have different jobs to complete the broadcast.

”There are multiple different jobs when you create a broadcast, there is the Camera Man, the guy that films, the Reporter, the guy that talks and if the face of the story, and the editor, the guys that edits most of the story,” said Kutch.

It sound like the students enjoy the class about as much as the teacher.

“I love this class. I love teaching a subject that I am passionate about. These kids amaze me year after year with their ideas and talents,” said Candice Gravitt.

The teacher loves teaching the class and has a passion for what she does.

“My background before coming to Faith Lutheran was in television. I was a producer of the news. What I love about teaching this subject the most is exposing young children to the broadcasting world,” said Gravitt. “I want them to learn about the news and how to communicate. Communication is so important especially in an age of technology where so many kids are communicating through smart phones. I want to get them in front of other children and talk to each other face to face.

It is currently too late to sign up for the 2016-2017 year, but remember to sign up for the 2017-2018 year. News Broadcadting also has a YouTube channel that they post all of their broadcasts on, FLHSTV.

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