Hole in one!

Faith Lutheran Middle School golf team starts off a new season


Photo courtesy of Caitlin Choi

Seventh grade student Caitlin Choi practices at the Badlands Golf Course. Practicing drills helps members of the golf team to improve in tournaments.

Lauren Tomita, Staff Writer

Members of the middle school golf team dedicate time and effort to the sport they love. This dedication leads to an advanced team with its strengths. Their strengths will help the golf team in their season, which takes place in April and May.

“We’re young. We have a lot of talented sixth graders and a lot of talented seventh graders,” said golf team coach Mr. Cy Frederick.

Students on the golf team enjoy the sport and want to continue playing golf, representing Faith Lutheran Middle School.

“I joined the golf team because I have been playing for four years, and I want to continue playing as long as I can,” said sixth grade student Logan Allen.

Practicing and dedicating time to golfing has helped some students develop a favorite part about the golf team.

“I like the golf team because I get to practice with my friends, and they keep me motivated,” said seventh grade student Caitlin Choi.

Students enjoy taking part in the golf team. Frederick enjoys coaching the team as well.

“I get to golf, which is awesome, and I like teaching kids the game of golf because I think that it is a lifelong skill that they can use later on,” said Frederick.

Some students on the golf team have been playing for six years, but some students are new to the sport and have only played for a few months. The golf team practices three days a week at the Palm Valley Golf Course. At these practices, the team does a series of drills helping them to improve as players and prepare for their tournaments. They practice a drill where they surround the hole and see who can chip closest to the hole. A chipping shot in golf gets the ball moving close to the hole. According to Frederick, the team also does some short game drills that prepare them for tournaments. The team competes against schools such as, Bob Miller, Meadows, and Las Vegas Day School.

Although students practice at the school, some students take the initiative of taking additional lessons to improve as a player.

“I have been practicing at Badlands with my coach, Cliff, for three months,” said Choi.

Although students prepare for their tournaments with practice, some participants are nervous for tournaments.

“I’m nervous because I’ve never done a tournament before,” said Choi.

Students who have been playing golf for a longer period of time don’t seem nervous for tournaments.

“I’m not that nervous because I’ve participated in tournaments before,”said sixth grade student Colton Cherry.

The golf team will compete in tournaments on Thursdays in April and May. At their first tournament, they tied for first as a team with a score of 113 total. Cherry placed first for sixth grade boys, Allen got second place for sixth grade girls, and Arianna Vanhoweling placed third for sixth grade girls. Eighth grade student Grace Parker placed third in the seventh and eighth grade girls category, according to Frederick.

The golf team will compete at Rosemary Clark Middle School’s golf course, Lake View on April 28, according to the Faith Lutheran website. The team will participate in a league championship on May 12. To qualify for the championship, the team must place in the top five and the top twelve golf team players will advance as well.

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