Mother’s Day: A day for children to recognize their mom’s hard work


Anna Grace Bricker

Dillards in Downtown Summerlin puts up Mother’s Day signs to get people aware and interested in their Mother’s Day gift items. Multiple other stores also put up signs to advertise their Mother’s Day sales.

Anna Grace Bricker, Staff Writer

According to Chloe Steigerwald, a seventh grader, Mother’s Day is a day to “appreciate everything your mom has done for you.” This Mother’s Day, which takes place on May 8, students share what they do for their moms and the importance of this special day.

Moms do a lot for their children, and for this Mother’s Day students explain why they treat their moms on Mother’s Day.

“She does a lot for me, and she’s my mother,” said Chase Camper, a seventh grade student.

Many students agree with Camper.

“My mom does so many things for me. She pays for this school, she takes me to soccer practice, and she provides me with everything I need,” said Steigerwald.

Students certainly can’t drive their moms to a special dinner or take them on a road trip, but students at Faith have their own special way to make their mothers feel special.

“I give my mom a massage, then I do her nails, make her breakfast, and then I make her dinner,” said Steigerwald.

Other students also do things along those lines.

“I buy her flowers, and I give her a foot massage and make dinner,” said Camper.

Other students have Mother’s Day parties.

“We go to my grandma’s house, and we have a Mother’s Day party with all my aunts,” said Zoie Abdo, a seventh grade Faith student. “Then we have dinner and get the moms gifts.”

Many students think that it is important for students to celebrate their moms on Mother’s Day.

Steigerwald thinks it’s important “because moms do so much, and it’s rude if you don’t appreciate what they do.”

Other students think moms should get rewarded for their hard work.

“Mother’s do a lot of things for their families, and they should get rewarded for it,” said Abdo.

Many students also enjoy Mother’s Day.

“I like Mother’s day because I make my mom really happy, and it’s always fun to get her stuff and do stuff with her,” said Camper.

Some students like to give gifts instead of doing service for their moms, but not everyone has money just lying around and not everyone has a dad to take them to the store right away. There are multiple inexpensive items students can create at home that their moms will love.

The next time students eat dinner that came from a tin can, save the can. Students can paint the can and decorate it with washi tape, ribbon, or stickers to make a cute Do It Yourself (DIY) vase to hold flowers.

Another way to make a cool DIY vase, is to hot glue corks together to make a high tower, and then students can place flowers into the tower. Although students could not put water into this vase, they can get some fake flowers that will last forever.

If students are looking for more of a spa gift for their moms and have a little bit more time to spare, a DIY rose milk bath bomb is the way to go. Just mix together 1 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup citric acid, 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1/4 cup Drymilk, 3 tablespoons Epsom salt, and small pieces of rose petals. In a different bowl, combine 1 teaspoon water, 3-4 teaspoons almond oil, and 15-20 drops rose essential oil. Put the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix them together. Students can use plastic ornament molds or silicon molds to place the mixture into and wait for them to dry overnight. Once the bath bombs are out of the molds, let them dry on a towel for a couple of hours before using or wrapping. Students can also find this recipe and many other crafts on

Students can find these DIY’s and many others on

The idea of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and made an national US holiday in 1914. The proclamation stating Mother’s Day would be a national holiday and that it would occur on the second Sunday in May was signed in 1914.

Children have been honoring their moms for many years in many different ways. Today, over 45 countries celebrate this special holiday including Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, just to name a few.

Places that sell flowers, cards, treats, and other Mother’s Day gifts make sure their costumes get the best price, and so usually, companies make Mother’s Day deals.

Places, such as Amazon, are giving customers “up to 80% off Mother’s Day Gift Ideas,” according to

Other places Deedle Mother’s Day rough draft edited give deals on shipping.

According to, Macy’s is giving “free shipping with (a) qualifying purchase.”

But, whatever students get their moms, most will make sure their mother feels special this Mother’s Day.

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