Dancers at Faith spin, turn, and leap their way through training and performances


Photo courtesy of Katelyn Phillips

The Faith Lutheran middle school dance team performs at a middle school football game. The dance team’s season recently ended so now many students practice and train with dance teams outside of school at various studios.

Kylie Capuano, Editor

“Dance is fun because it is a great way to make new friends, and it’s a great way to exercise,” said eighth grader Katelyn Phillips in regards to why she likes dancing.

Dancing requires a major time commitment to the sport in order to improve.

“As a dancer you really have to commit a lot of your time to it. In order to be a good dancer, you have to practice a lot to perfect your skills and to learn your routines,” said eighth grader Toni Carlo.

Not only do dancers practice very often, they rehearse their routines before performances multiple times.

“We do the dance over and over. It gets hard because you have to put all your effort into it no matter how many times you rehearse it,” said eighth grader Heather Borman.

Carlo understands the importance of putting in full effort while rehearsing.

“It does get exhausting practicing over and over again, but if you really do want to learn your routine well, then you have to focus and put full effort into your routine,” said Carlo.

Many people don’t understand how hard dancers work to make their performances look effortless.

“A lot of people think dancing is easy, but it really isn’t. It takes a lot of time and effort to become a good dancer. We prepare for performances in advance, and we practice a lot,” said Carlo.

Many dancers have set goals for themselves to achieve this year in order to have something to strive for.

“I’ve set goals for many different things for each style of dance. I also want to win first place at all my dance competitions,” said Phillips.

Most dancers favor different styles of dancing compared to other styles.

“I like hip hop because it is funky and fun, and that is like my personality,” said Borman.

Phillips considers a different style of dance as her favorite. “I like tap because it is the most energetic style,” said Phillips.

Just like how dancers have a favorite style of dance, they also have a least favorite style.

“My least favorite style of dance is ballet because it’s really hard and it hurts a lot,” said Phillips.

Many dancers have danced for most of their life, and they hope to continue their dancing further into their future.

“I have been dancing for twelve years,” said Phillips. “I want to dance all the way until college. I’m not sure if I want to dance after college or not.”

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