Maggie Whipple shows Faith that she is far from a city girl


Maggie Whipple

Eighth grade student Maggie Whipple tags a cow with the help of her family in Alamo. Whipple visits her family ranch multiple times a month to take care of her animals and works hard to keep the ranch up and running.

Kelsey Howryla, Staff Writer

Maggie Whipple, an eighth grade student at Faith Lutheran, visits her ranch many times a month and works hard there taking care of her animals and keeping it up and running. She started working on the ranch at age nine with the help of family and friends.

“I am a third generation cattle rancher, and we’ve had my ranch since my grandfather bought it many years ago,” said Whipple.

The Whipple family has worked on their ranch for a long time. Whipple visits her ranch two-three times a month depending on her schedule with both school and sports, and takes the short drive up there.

“My ranch is an hour and a half north in Alamo, Nevada,” said Whipple.

While at her ranch, Whipple does many different  activities.

“While I am up there, we will work cattle, ride horses, swim in ditches, or do Gymkhana,” said Whipple.

The rodeo in Alamo, called Gymkhana, consists of many events including barrel racing, poles, flag race, goat tie, key hole, speed poles, and speedball. Even though Whipple enjoys Gymkhana, she also has another favorite activity to do at her ranch.

“My favorite activity is to go on trail rides while at my ranch,” said Whipple.“We have a lot of land so we can ride for so many hours. There is one ride where it is seven miles up and seven miles back. It usually takes all day and we might even need to spend the night.”

Whipple invited Paris Pilli, an eighth grade student from Faith, to visit her ranch one weekend.

“I thought it was really cool. I’ve never been to a ranch that big, it’s huge,” said Pilli.

While Pilli visited Whipple’s ranch, they also competed in a Gymkhana.

“It was really fun. I got to ride a lot of new horses and experience different riding,” said Pilli.

Whipple has many different animals at her ranch including horses, cows, pigs, sheep, turkeys, cats, and dogs. Not everything Whipple does on her ranch is fun; she also has to work hard.

“We have a lot of animals on our farm, and for the cows, they mostly feed themselves on the fields, but we have to move them across the highway to the range, we have to give them their shots, brand the calves, and give them any other medications,” said Whipple. “We also have a pig and 13 baby pigs that we have to feed basically anything left over from dinner.”

Whipple has to deal with more than just animals.

“With the ranch, there is a bunch of irrigation we have to do, so I would have to get into rushing water to stop it, which can be very hard,” said Whipple. “I’m always just on my horse or in the four wheelers doing something around the ranch.”

Whipple hopes to have a future working at and near her ranch.

“I plan on running a business there,” said Whipple.”When I’m 16 and I move there I will work at small restaurant and when I get old enough I’m going to work with the irrigation.”

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