Faith to hold upcoming MS STUCO elections

On May 9, students at Faith Lutheran will vote from a handful of current sixth and seventh graders running for Middle School Student Council for the upcoming school year.

To run for STUCO, students must begin with filling out a ten page packet. After that, they make posters and campaign. Campaigning began on April 25. They also have the opportunity to speak in front of the middle school and give a speech. Students then get to vote for who they want.

The Student Council elections will differ from past years. The amount of people who get in and the positions they hold has now changed. Also, the way they acquire those positions have changed. In all, twenty students will take part in Student Council next year.

“We are going to have seven elected students going into seventh grade, and eight elected students going into eighth grade. From those fifteen kids, that team is going to elect a president, vice president, treasurer and many other different positions,” said Student Council leader Mrs. Tish Carroll. “After the fifteen are chosen, there is going to be five more appointed positions, so for anyone who doesn’t get elected with the first fifteen, they can be interviewed and be appointed by me for Student Council.”

Many students who run for Student Council have a good reason for doing so. Some reasons include wanting to help raise school spirit, or because they have done it before.

“I wanted to run for Student Council because when I was in elementary school, I was in Student Council, and I remember it being so much fun,” said seventh grader Leah Butler.

Seventh grader Sydney Bell has a completely different reason for running.

“I wanted to run for Student Council because I wanted to become more a part of my school and help out,” Bell said. “I think it is very important to have school spirit and make kids more excited about school.”

To get into Student Council, the candidates need to receive votes. They have the ability to make posters and persuade people to vote for them. Along with that, candidates can do other things to win student’s votes.

“In order to get people to vote for me, I plan to see what people actually want to see happen in the school and just be myself so students can see the real me,” said seventh grader Claudia Grepke.

This year, a lot of kids want to participate in Student Council. Twenty-seven students are running to get in. While some people may think this gives them more competition, Carroll disagrees.

“I feel really blessed and excited that so many amazing kids chose to run for Student Council this year,” said Carroll.

Since only twenty people will get into STUCO and twenty-seven students applied, that creates some conflict, because not all can get in.

“Honestly, I think I’ll be a little upset,” said Bell. “But I know that God has a path for me, and if he doesn’t want me to be in Student Council this year, then I know that I can try again next year.”

STUCO represents Faith Lutheran and puts together all of the assemblies and spirit weeks. They have to take charge when needed and care about the school.

“A good Student Council member is someone who has leadership abilities, that is willing to work hard, and put forth extra effort to make our school a better place,” Carroll said.

Along with students having their reasons for running, they may also have some goals they hope to achieve if they get into STUCO.

“I hope I can accomplish my goal of allowing everyone to feel more welcome at Faith,

and to be more involved,” said seventh grader Alexi Ruano.

Grepke has different goals that she would like to fulfill if she gets in.

“If I get in, I want to help the constant continuation of making Faith better, including

leading by example along with all the other members,” said Grepke.

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