Middle School Tennis Season begins


MS Yearbook

the boys middle school tennis team pose for a picture. Tennis Matches begin in aril and end in mid may.

Jax Lewis, Staff Writer

The tennis season is here at Faith Lutheran. Students hope to achieve their set goals and make it a great season in many ways.

” I’m going to start going to the practices and all” said seventh Grader Eligh McLain.

Tryouts for the Tennis team started on March eighth. Official practices started on March 15th, and they will be held at Darling Tennis Center. Matches start in early April and the tennis season will finish with a closing tournament in May. Many of the matches will be held at Darling tennis center. The team has been preparing for the upcoming season.

“Tennis, like many other sports, you need to play a lot to get better, so the coaches and players have not just waited until now to start preparing for the season,” said Middle School Athletic Director, Ben Ersland. Older students also help coach the middle school team.

“High school students help assist the two coaches, which is another advantage the team has,” said Ersland. Students that play tennis really love playing the sport,

“I really enjoy tennis and have been playing it since I was eight!” Said McLain. Others enjoy the sport for many different reasons

“I really like playing doubles because you get to play with other people,” said seventh grader Ava Lineras.

Some students just enjoy the sport because they really like making new friends.

“Tennis has helped me meet new people and also helped me to get more steps on my Fitbit,” said seventh grader Blake Cheater. Athletes hope to get better with this upcoming season.

“I hope to get better at not slacking and not to be such a ball hogger” said Ashley Mishell. This season is shaping up to be a great one, and students cannot wait to have fun.

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