Leanne Lugo has traveled the world performing her music


Photo courtesy of Leanne Lugo

The Findell/Lugo duo has been impressing audiences worldwide with classic, jazz, show tunes, country fiddling or ragtime since 1994. Leanne Lugo has been traveling the world playing music in many different occasions with her family, for the people who enjoy their special work.

Jackson Moran, Editor

Mrs. Leanne Lugo, the new guitar and orchestra teacher at Faith Lutheran, teaches students how to play instruments and shares her musical life and experiences. Lugo has played as an on-stage musician and she teaches students at Faith how to excel as musicians.

Leanne Lugo was nine years old when she first started violin lessons. She likes the way music makes her feel and she loves practicing. Music is just like a moment in time and Lugo enjoys being in the moment. She plays several different instruments including the Violin, Viola, Saxophone, Flute, Guitar, and Mandolin. She has practiced and played these instruments for a long time. Their isn’t a specific musician that inspired her, but some musicians that she looked up to were Stephan Grapelli, Bobby McFerrin, Al Jareau Iztac, Perlman, and Sarah Chang. Lugo loves the way music makes you feel and doesn’t like it when people don’t listen. Lugo taught private lessons off and on for about ten years, then she worked for five years at a public high school before coming to Faith.

Lugo often only worked for two hours in a day, so when she didn’t need to practice, her family would explore their surroundings. It was like a three year honey moon! They saw the mountains of Virginia, Alaska, the Panama Canal, and many different islands in the Caribbean. After that, her husband and her had a steady job for eight years performing at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on the Strip. This job was also wonderful, because she started a family at this time and they were able to bring their children to work with them.

Lugo performed professionally for twenty years before she started teaching in a school setting. Her husband and her had a violin/double bass duo and they travelled the world performing together. She also played in orchestras and acted in musicals as an on-stage musician. Her family was self-employed, so when they worked, they got paid and when they didn’t work, they didn’t get paid. So, her family didn’t take a lot of time off, but they did have time to play while they worked.

Now, Lugo teaches at Faith Lutheran, so she get the summers off. It was a great life for Lugo and her family.

“Divine intervention! My son had been really sick for three years and not able to attend school. We finally enrolled him at Faith with the hope that he would remain healthy and then I got a job too!” said Lugo.

Lugo teaches students in her classes how to play and read songs, notes, and chords for tests and performances. Her classes have learned the basics about their instrument, and students have become better and better during the school year.

“The students at Faith are very bright and eager to learn. With motivated students, I have to work a lot more in order to keep them interested. I also often have to slow them down so that they learn the basics before they go on to learn harder music,” said Lugo.

Lugo pushes students to always do their best and try to do the advanced pieces so they can get better at playing harder songs and notes. She thinks that Faith students learn quickly and enjoy learning knew things during class.

“Mrs. Lugo is a good new guitar teacher, because she is great at going to different levels in guitar to help us excel in guitar class,” said Seventh Grader Elyse Dulaine. “Mrs. Lugo makes class fun, and helps us learn different parts of songs in an understanding matter.”