Unclaimed items sent to Faith Thrift Store


Photo by Dubem Ezeanolue

The lost and found is overflowing with lunch boxes, hats, water bottles, and more. Items that are not claimed before a certain date will be sent to the Faith Lutheran Thrift Store.

Dubem Ezeanolue, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran’s lost and found is filling up quickly. With lost items in the lost and found in the nurses office, Faith Lutheran sends many of the items to the school’s thrift store to decrease the amount of space they take up in the nurse’s office.

With many items over filling the lost and found at Faith it sometimes becomes to much to handle for the school nurse.

Personal items such as phones, inhalers, and iPads are not sent to the Faith Lutheran Thrift Store. While more personal items are not sent to the Thrift Store, items like PE bags, lunch- boxes, books, sweatshirts, and even clothes end up there.

The Faith Lutheran Thrift Store was the first volunteer organization at Faith, it has been open for over 30 years, and is now located at 2211 S. Rainbow Blvd.

Before items are sent to the thrift store a notice is given in the daily announcements.

“We send messages out there in the announcements that the lost and found is going to the thrift store,” said school nurse, Jennifer May, “We usually give them a couple of days notice.”

When items in the lost and found pile up, they become too much to handle even with help from volunteers.

“When it gets full, than we send out a notice; we try to get student volunteers to come down to clean it and organize it, but sometimes it’s sort of hard for it to come by” said May.

Items sent to the thrift store are usually held for three to four days giving owners of items time to come my collect items.

“It generally takes about 5 days for us to clean, price, mark and get the items on the shelves to be sold.” said the thrift store manager, Steve Orr via e-mail, “Do not use this as a grace period to find your lost items. They should be picked up in the office by the cut-off date.”

Before the cutoff date, it is important to retrieve lost items before the thrift store picks them up.

“I have received very few complaints, the students have a few days to go in and claim their items.” Said Orr, via e-mail. “The Thrift Store usually picks up the items one or two days after that date. We do this 4 or 5 times each school year.”

With the lost and found overflowing in the nurse’s office, it is important for students to pick up any items they might have missing before they are sent to the thrift store.