Collaboration Days allow teachers to work together

Student show up on a late start day and play by the lockers with their friends. Most of the students were already at school at 8:40 for a 9:00 bell.

Photo Credit: Chris Schwarz

Student show up on a late start day and play by the lockers with their friends. Most of the students were already at school at 8:40 for a 9:00 bell.

Every Tuesday Faith has a late start day, when school starts at 9:00 instead of 8:10, but

Why does faith do this?

“Faith does this for all the teachers to touch base, and has the accidental advantage that all the students get to show up later, but the main reason is for academics, not for the students,” said Mrs. Harper, the Middle School Principal.

Late start days started at the being in of the school in 1979, for the accidemic reason of the teachers to touch base.

“On late start days, teachers show up to meet together to make sure they are on the same page. Every late start day, teachers show up early to meet with their specific class grouping such as science for 70 minutes go get back together and talk,” said Harper.

“I like being able to meet with my respecting department on late start days and collaborate with them on various projects,” said Michael Kuhn, seventh and eighth grade English teacher. “We meet at 7:30 and talk and collaborate for 70 minutes.”

Many students love these late start days. Most like having late start days for the extra sleep, but others do not like these late start days and enjoy having the advisory period.

“I really enjoy late start days, but the advisery period really is fun and helps me,”said Hunter Phelps,”I think I would rather have that over late start.”

Other students disagree and enjoy late start days more than advisery.

“I like late start days more because of less time in the school day,” said seventh grader Ben Gordon.

With some students, it depends on the night before or their mood that day.

”Mainly for me, it is just what I am feeling like. It depends on my baseball too,” said seventh grader Alec Barrett.

Many students do different things on late start days with the extra time, but the most popular thing to do is sleep in.

“Most of the time on late start days I just like to sleep and sometimes get up and get something at Starbucks or tropical smoothie,” said seventh grader Reese Rivera.

Students also like to come to school early to play sports or talk with friends.

“Most of the time I just come here and throw the football in the morning with some of my friends. Sometimes I will sleep but with having a high school brother that starts school at 8:35 this makes it hard to sleep in too long,” said Gordon.

Although most students sleep in, lots of them still show up with plenty of time to spare.

“I show up right around 8:10-8:15 because that is when my brother wants to get to school. That works for me too though because I am able to go down and play football,” said Gordon.

Even though most show up early, some cut it close to the bell.

“I show up around 8:40-8:50, I want to take full advantage of all the extra sleep I can get,” said seventh grader Brennan Piercy.

Many teachers enjoy late start because they get to help their students.

“I love late start days. I get to work with and help my colleagues on math related stuff,” said seventh and eighth grade math teacher Abbie Hazel.

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