Kicking the Faith spring soccer season off with new A team and B team coaches


Photo courtesy of Zoie Abdo

Two students battle for the ball, while others move around trying to help their teammate. Students worked hard at tryouts on March 14, 15, and 16 to show their skills to the coaches and earn their place on a team.

Anna Grace Bricker, Staff Writer

This soccer season, not only the teams have changed, but also the coaches. Middle school soccer players begin the soccer season after spring break with their minds set on winning.

Before the season started, students and coaches were already thinking about playing. With every new soccer season, players get to meet new people and their teammates change.

“I’m looking forward to working with other teammates and experiencing the season with them,” said Donovan Mollus, a seventh grader.

Others just can’t wait to play…and to win!

“I’m looking forward to playing soccer with my friends from school and winning, because we’re going to win,” said Stephanie Vancura, an eighth grader.


The coaches looked forward to developing their teams and making students better athletes.

“I always enjoy the Middle School soccer season,” said Coach Bob Chinn, the A team soccer coach. “Coaching High school and U18 club soccer is a lot of fun, but I enjoy coaching a younger age group, and the challenges of forming a team in a very short time both on and off the field. It is fun to see the players and the team develop as the season goes on.”

This year, the pervious A team coach, Coach Hazen, left and Coach Chinn, the previous B team coach, moved up to coach the A team. Mr. Gunzelman now coaches B team.

Some players have had Chinn as a coach, so they know how he works the field.

“Coach Bob was my coach last year (and) he’s a good coach, and Mr. Gunzelman coaching B team, it’s different, but it’ll be fun,” said Vancura.

Some have never met either of the coaches.

“Well, I haven’t really met any of them, but it’s going to be a good year,” said Camille Longabardi, a seventh grader, prior to soccer tryouts.

Most students thought it was cool the coaches were moving up, but what did the coaches think about it?

“I do not look at it as moving up. I look at it as coaching a new set of players on a team now called the A team instead of the B team,” said Chinn. “At Faith, we are blessed with a large number of talented players no matter what the team name is.”

Whether students have been playing for a little or long time, no matter what position they play, most players agreed on their biggest competition.

“Day School is pretty good,” said Vancura.

Some players have faced Day School before.

“Day School because I was on the sixth grade team last year and their team was pretty good. They beat us in the finals, so that’ll be the most challenging,” said Longabardi.

Tryouts were on March 14, 15, and 16 and the students worked hard to make it on the teams. With about 15-16 players per team, “we’ll have to cut some people,” said Gunzelman on the second day of tryouts.

Teams will practice most days after school from 3:30-5:00. But, practice pays off in the games and the games begin right after spring break.

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