Faith Lutheran’s average class size lower than the CCSD High School average


Students in Science class at Faith Lutheran Middle School. Class sizes in the Las Vegas valley grow, making many wonder what the best and ideal class sizes are. Faith Lutheran strives for an average class size of 25-1.

Louis De Salvio, Staff Writer

As class sizes continue to grow around the Las Vegas valley, some students and parents may wonder how Faith Lutheran compares to the public school class size.

Public schools class sizes are getting larger according to a Las Vegas Review Journal story from May, 2015. The Nevada State average for class sizes for fourth and fifth grade is 32-1, middle school 34-1, and for high school 35.5- 1.

The average at Faith is only 22.5-1 according to Dr. Steven Buuck, the C.E.O at Faith Lutheran Middle School and High school. Buuck has stressed over class sizes at Faith Lutheran and how to compensate for them.

“I wish for the average of Faith classes to be 25 kids. We spend a lot of time to make sure our class sizes don’t go too low or too high,” said Buuck.

As class sizes are continuously looked at by students, teacher, and parents, Buuck also has to make sure the tuition doesn’t go too high.

“If the class sizes get too low, then we have to pay teachers less, and if they get too high the teachers have to be paid more, and we have to bring tuition up,” said Buuck.

Some students feel that the class sizes at Faith are  good size compared to public schools.

“Class sizes at Faith are great, and we get a fantastic education,” said seventh grader Owen Thompson.

Some students prefer a different variety of class sizes.

“I prefer the tiny class sizes at Faith Lutheran as opposed to the bigger class sizes at public schools,” said Thompson.

Seventh grader Sarah Fredrick has an opinion on the class sizes at Faith.

“It is sometimes hard learning which such big classes.” said Fredrick. “It’s easier for more distraction,” said Fredrick.

Although public schools are trying to compensate for the class sizes by building more schools Faith will continue to expand. Faith Lutheran and the administration team feels that the perfect class size would be about 25 students in each class, not too big, not too small.

Faith is not the only private  school dealing with these issues. Schools all around the valley are going to their admissions department and making sure they eccept the perfect amount of kids. Also they make sure the children that they do except won’t cause trouble for the school, according to Las Vegas Review Journal.

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