Back at it again with the Crocs

Faith students bring Crocs back into style


Photo courtesy of Katelyn Phillips

Eighth graders Katelyn Phillips and Kendall Owens pose with their crocs. Students started wearing crocs this school year due to the shoes’ popularity.

Kylie Capuano, Editor

“I think Crocs might have become popular because one person started wearing them, and then a bunch of other people wanted to fit in so they wore them too,” said eighth grader Maddie Sweeney in regards to Croc shoes becoming popular.

Beginning this school year, many students started to wear Crocs to school, and the shoes rapidly gained popularity across campus.

“I think Crocs became popular because they are cool, even though they are ugly,” said eighth grader Toni Carlo.

People can customize their Crocs, which is one of the reasons they like the shoes.

“I wanted to buy them because you can put the charms on your crocs to change the look up,” said Carlo.

The charms are sold separately from the Crocs and range from $2 to $8.

Other students bought crocs because of the comfort.

“They look really cool, and they are comfortable,” said eighth grader Natalie Price.

Although Crocs are popular now, some think that the popularity will die down.

“I don’t think they will stay popular. I think people will realize they are really ugly, and they are not pleasant to look at,” said Sweeney.

Even if Crocs do not stay popular at Faith Lutheran, the company still will keep selling a lot of Crocs. In 2011, Crocs made over one billion dollars in sales according to The classic Crocs are sold for $34.99.

Students who wear Crocs often wear them as a joke because they think the shoes look funny. Many students often make jokes about their friend’s Crocs.

“My friends make jokes about my Crocs because everyone thinks the shoes are ugly,” said Carlo.

Price’s friends also make jokes about her crocs.

“My friends make jokes about my crocs everyday. It’s probably because they are jealous and want to be like me,” said Price.

Sweeney thinks crocs are stylish despite their appearance.

“Even though I think Crocs are ugly, I still think they look stylish and cool at the same time,” said Sweeney.

Price thinks some aspects of the appearance could be fixed.

“They are kind of big. They could look better than they do now,” said Price.

Some teachers at Faith also agree that Crocs don’t look very stylish.

“I don’t really like them. I think they look kind of like cheap plastic,” said science teacher Mrs. Lisbeth Jacobs.

Jacobs thinks that Crocs might stay popular within Faith Lutheran.

“They might stay popular. I think they might stay popular mostly because they are comfortable,” said Jacobs.

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