Piano players at Faith enhance their playing abilities with new class, Piano Lab


Kylie Pike

Eighth grader Virgina Wilkerson practices the piano for praise band. Wilkerson might take piano lab next year depending if she makes praise band.

Kylie Pike, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran has created a class to allow any student, whether in middle school or high school, interested in playing the piano to improve their skills with Piano Lab and enhance their playing ability.

Piano Lab is a class where piano players come together to help each other and enhance their musical ability. Since this is a year long class, students have a whole school year to progress.

With the new Piano Lab, students can improve their piano playing throughout the year. Also, praise band students can now have extra practice if they join the class.

Piano Lab is an elective which takes place during regular class time. This means students don’t have to worry about coming before or after school for the class.

Faith has some keyboards from praise band that they use, so Piano Lab will use those keyboards. Also, the school has purchased some keyboards at the nearby music store.

Many students in praise band at the moment are interested in signing up for this class to improve their skills.

“I’m probably going to take the class next year,” said eighth grade praise band student, Rylie Christiansen. “I think that it’s a great idea and will help the students.”

Band instructor Daniel Zeigner has experience working with pianos and instruments, so he will teach Piano Lab next year.

“I think this is going to be a good idea, but I’m not sure if I’m going to take the class if I make praise band,” said eighth grade keyboard praise band player Ashley Fox.

Some students have already signed up for this class, but others who play the keyboard or piano won’t take the class.

“I’m probably not going to take the class next year,” said eighth grade praise band keyboard player Virginia Wilkerson. “I already have an elective which is praise band.”

“You do not have to have experience to sign up for this class,” said Zeigner via email. “This is a class where each student will come as they are!”

Each students will be tested in their skill level, and then the teachers will set up a learning system for each individual student based on what they know.

Also, choir students are required to take this class to help harmonize their singing to the piano which will later pay off during choir concerts. For more information, students can check the curriculum handbook on the Faith Lutheran website.

Overall, many students ranging from piano players to choir students have signed up for this class, and Piano Lab is available to anyone.

If anyone has questions about Piano Lab and are interested in taking this class, they can either check the curriculum handbook or contact Zeigner.

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