Students now able to print from iPads

Emma Cole, Staff Writer

Students are now able to print directly from their iPads to the printers in the Faith Lutheran Library. For many people, printing from their iPads would make it faster and easier, but for some, there is no need for it.

Many Faith Lutheran students print in the library. Before, they had to email their papers to themselves and log into a computer before they can send it to the printers. Now, printing from their iPads still means emailing it, but students do not have to log into a computer.

To make logging into the printer easier and faster, there are swipe cards that can be scanned on the printer. The cards have a student’s login already, so they do not have to enter in their username and password by hand.

“The swipe cards can make printing faster when there is a big group that needs to print,” said the librarian, Mrs. Melanie Bowline.

The student’s login is the same as their computer login. The cards are not necessary, but they make it faster. Swipe cards were issued to grades sixth through eleventh. The goal of the cards is to speed up the process of logging into the printer.

Bowline also said that the purpose of the cards and the direct printing is to make printing easier and faster for students.

“Sometimes computers don’t send papers to the printers, so I think using iPads will make printing a lot easier,” said seventh grader Melody Taylor.

“I think it will probably be easier to print from our iPads,” said Taylor. “It will probably take less time.”

“Computers take a long time to load because everyone is on them at the same time, so I think it would be a good idea if we could print from our iPads,” said seventh grader Alexa Bell.

Bell said that she uses the printers a lot and thinks it would be a good idea if they could start printing from their iPads.

“I think being able to print from our iPads will make it a lot easier and faster,” said Bell.