Justin Bieber’s new album “Purpose” improves on many details of his last albums


Brooke Neagle

Justin Bieber’s “Purpose Deluxe” album releases on spotify. “Purpose” has become a very popular album in the short amount of time it has been out; fans love Bieber’s new album.

Brooke Neagle, Staff Writer

The album “Purpose” by Justin Bieber has become a very popular album. It sold 522,000 copies, not including digital albums, in just the three months it was out. However, is this album really worth the money?

I believe that absolutely this album is worth the buy, and a great album. This album has a decent price. “Purpose” costs $7.99 and “Purpose Deluxe” costs $13.99.

One important feature to an album is the overall sound. I believe that “Purpose” has a great overall sound. Justin Bieber has a few acoustic songs in his new album. The acoustics sound very good. His voice sounds very soft, yet not too quiet, not too loud. Also the instruments in the background really compliment the song, and have a great volume level. Along with the acoustic songs, his non acoustic songs sound great as well. A balance occurs between the instruments and the singing. The overall volume is at a good level. Last his voice sounds soft and compliments the songs very well.

However, this album does not appeal to everyone. Some people may not agree with Bieber’s message or songs. Also some songs in the album have very repetitive lyrics, for example “Sorry” repeats the same lyrics most of the song. Certain songs may be taken the wrong way, or misunderstood by some viewers such as “Love Yourself” and “Children”. Also “Purpose” may appeal mostly to older listeners; some songs may not appeal to middle school students due to the maturity of the songs.

“Purpose” definitely isn’t Justin Bieber’s first album, he’s made many albums before. All the albums he’s made before have many similarities and differences when compared to “Purpose”.  Bieber’s voice has definitely progressed over the years. When Bieber made his first album “My World 2.0”, his voice sounded very high, and his songs had little meaning. Over the years his voice has become deeper, and sounds nicer, and his songs have become more meaningful and original. Some of Bieber’s first songs such as “Baby” and “One Last Lonely Girl” didn’t have deep meaning. Songs from Bieber’s new album such as “Life is Worth Living” and “Purpose” have meaning and purpose in Justin Bieber’s life, and his lyrics mean something to him as well.

In the past Justin Bieber, has done some bad things, he even went to jail. Bieber doesn’t have the best reputation, but through his music listeners can realize he has grown and matured in his music and in his life. In most of his songs, he admits he’s not perfect, and that he has made mistakes.

“I ain’t perfect, won’t deny my reputation’s on the line. So, I’m working on a better me,” Bieber said in his hit song “Life is worth living”.

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