Clark County Commissioners vote in favor of vacating Homestretch.


Jordan Pulse

Cars cross the intersection between Homestretch and South Haulapai. Dr. Steve Buuck estimates that in one or two years Faith will start vacating Homestretch.

Jordan Pulse, Editor

On January 20, representatives from Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School attended a second meeting with the Clark County Commissioners regarding Homestretch and Faith Lutheran’s future expansion. Unanimously, all seven of the County Commissioners voted to give Faith Lutheran permission to vacate Homestretch Drive as long as they follow certain conditions.

In contrast to the first meeting with the Clark County Commissioners in November, Faith Lutheran is no longer going to relocate Homestretch. Instead, Faith Lutheran will vacate Homestretch entirely, as decided by the these Commissioners.

The Summerlin community has mixed feelings and opinions about this meeting’s results.

“(The Community’s) reaction is mixed; some are happy, some don’t care, and and some are upset. Change is difficult for everyone,” said Faith Lutheran CEO, Dr. Steve Buuck.

However, some parents and community members have high hopes for Homestretch’s relocation and Faith Lutheran’s future expansion.

“A bigger and connected connected campus (ensures that) everyone’s prepared and everyone’s saved,” said John Hines, Faith Lutheran parent. “(This way,) more kids can come to the school, and there are more opportunities for their education.”

However, before Faith Lutheran vacates Homestretch Drive, they must meet the requirements of building over this street. To begin with, Faith Lutheran must have pedestrian access, emergency vehicle access, and a bike lane on their campus. This way, people and authorities in the community don’t have to continue on Sandstone Bluffs or South Hualapai, to go around Faith Lutheran.

To vacate Homestretch would mean to move the utilities underneath that street as well, which could become difficult.

“Under the current Homestretch are a lot of utilities such as cell phone companies, gas, water, and sewer,” Buuck said. “If we were to create buildings over those utilities we would have to move them under another road, which isn’t an overnight decision.”

Homestretch’s removal might even provide safety, in case of a tragic event.

“If there was ever a school shooting, it’s nice to know that we are on one campus with a gate around us, rather than trying to communicate with another section of the school,” Buuck said.

According to Buuck, Faith Lutheran will start vacating Homestretch “in a year or two.” Due to this issue’s complexity, Faith Lutheran will also have to revise and reapprove their  master plan for their school’s expansion at a public hearing. Homestretch’s removal alone, will cost more than a million dollars.

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