Micheal Kuhn joins Faith Lutheran family


Mr. Micheal Kuhn is hard at work at thinking of creativie and fun activities for the class room. Kuhn is a new fun and inventive seventh and eight grade English teacher at Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School.

Louis De Salvio, Staff Writer

“I have always known I have had it in me to be a teacher, and I think people need to follow their instincts,” said Mr. Michael Kuhn, seventh and eighth grade English teacher at Faith Lutheran Middle School.  Kuhn, through many experiences, has continually sought after his instincts, and encourages other students to go after their instincts. Many times he has vacillated over becoming a teacher, but through different educational experiences he ended up at Faith Lutheran.

One of Kuhn’s major role models was his mother. She herself was an educator. Kuhn has always striven to be more like his mother in his teaching. Although, when he was growing up his parents didn’t really push education.

“There was a little pressure, but my parents were good at allowing me to be me. They never forced anything on me,” said Kuhn.

In elementary school, Kuhn went to a K-12 Lutheran School located in Seward, Nebraska, named St. John’s. Unlike some, Kuhn has always loved school and learning; he continues to carry that with him to this day. In his younger years, Kuhn would bring home books and recreate parts from the books with Legos and things of that nature. Through elementary and high school, Kuhn always knew he had it in him to become a teacher, but he wasn’t really sure he wanted too.

For college, Kuhn went to Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. He changed his major in college from an education major to an English major after he had an experience counseling at Camp Luther-Wood in Oregon. Little did he know this experience would set him on the path to becoming at teacher.

“I worked with people from fifth grade to high school. This brought me to consider becoming a teacher, and it proved to me that teaching is something I loved to do,” said Kuhn.

Kuhn, in completion of his Masters degree in college attended an Oregon educator conference where schools interviewed him to see if they wanted him on staff, as their teacher. At this time he received an email from Faith Lutheran Middle School asking him to teach seventh and eighth grade English. He contemplated this for a long while, trying to figure out whether or not Las Vegas is the place he would want to live, but ultimately after weighing out the pros and cons he decided to come to Las Vegas.

“My hardest struggle was to definitely to move to Vegas and all the struggles that come with that,” said Kuhn.

Kuhn felt his welcome to Faith Lutheran was very warm and loving.

“I loved it, and I greatly enjoy being here. I wasn’t sure being in Las Vegas would become a home, but thanks in part to the teachers, Vegas became my home,” said Kuhn.

Many students enjoy the teaching style of Kuhn. Cadin Selvig, a seventh grader at Faith, likes Mr. Kuhn and enjoys his class.

“I think Mr. Kuhn is great. I love how he makes the class fun. I feel he makes the class enjoyable by telling jokes and sharing stories, and don’t even get me started on his knowledge on tea,” said Selvig.

Kuhn said he tries to make his class fun and enjoyable. Although, Kuhn has just started off his teaching career he hopes to continue for many more years sharing his knowledge of tea and English to all his students. Kuhn differs his teaching style from other teachers by teaching with great fun and sharing his special interest with his class. For example, he names the plants that he receives based on class vote and he share knowledge on tea, his favorite drink.

Kuhn truly enjoys all his classes and hopes that all that he shares with the students sticks with them. Also they continue to strive after leaving his class at the end of the year. Finally, he is excited to see the new students coming him way in the 2016-2017 school year.

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