Picture Perfect

The “Polaroid” Comeback


Evan Robinson takes a picture of his friends using the Instax Mini 8 by Fujifilm. This camera’s small size makes it easier to travel with.

Lauren Kling, Staff Writer

Most people pull out their phones to take a picture and never look at it again unless they have to delete it to get more storage. However, instant print cameras make taking pictures more interesting, and they help people remember good times.

In 1972 Edwin H. Land created the first self-devolving instant print camera called the Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera according to edn.com. The camera was wildly popular and led to generations of Americans calling instant print cameras “Polaroids.” In time, instant print cameras fell out favor when digital cameras overtook the market. More recently, the enjoyment of different photography styles led to the re-popularization of this type of camera.

In 1998, Fujifilm came out with their version of the instant print camera, the Instax Mini. Fujifilm had many designs of this product, and in 2012 the Instax Mini 8 was introduced. This camera’s features include easy controls, a smaller body, real image finder, and a high key setting according to www.fujifilm.com. The Instax Mini 8 prints high quality, card size photos. Not only do customers have an instant print camera that is easy to use, they also get to choose the color of the camera body. These colors include white, black, pastel pink, pastel blue, and pastel yellow. In addition, in 2015 Fujifilm launched two new colors, raspberry and grape.

This camera is great for younger kids because it is easy to operate. With a twist of the lens and a push of a button, one has a beautiful, printed picture. Users have reported liking the camera because it is lightweight and easy to take along when traveling. Also, the camera runs on batteries, not needing electricity or cords.

Seventh grader, Kylie Harris, said she likes the camera because “loading film is easy.” By far the biggest upside is the instant gratification this camera gives the user. The instant print pictures develop quickly and have a fun, vintage look.

With the good, comes the bad. First of all, the camera only seems to take high quality pictures indoors. When taking pictures outdoors, they can turn out dark.

“Pictures aren’t the best quality they can be,” said Harris.

Perhaps more importantly, if one doesn’t protect their pictures while they develop, they can loose the images entirely.

“Sometimes the pictures don’t develop,” said seventh grader, Evan Robinson

Some users also complain about the limited range of the lens. It allows for only limited zoom and can’t capture something far away.

Overall, the Instax Mini 8 is really fun for its intended purpose: an easy to use instant print camera. One can get creative with the pictures. Students can simply Google “projects for polaroids” and see different ideas.

If students wish to buy an Instax Mini 8 by Fujifilm, the prices vary from $50 to $120. One can buy the camera at the following stores and websites, amazon.com, Best Buy, Jo-Anne’s Fabric and Craft Store, Fry’s Electronics, Walmart, Michaels, Staples, or Office Depot.

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