Lawsuit filed to take “In God We Trust” off money


In Newdow’s case he clearly states that he wants all money, including dollar bills just like the one above to be changed. Although he wants this to change, many others want it to say the same and believe it will.

Chris Schwarz, Staff Writer

Michael Newdow, a lawyer that lives in Sacramento, has sued the U.S. government over having these four words on U.S. money,”In God we Trust.” He says in his lawsuit that, ”I do not believe in God, but the money that I have got to carry on me at all times says I do.”

Newdow is an extreme Atheist. Not including this lawsuit, he has previously sued the U.S. government two other times over the word,”God,” being in the pledges, and he took it to Supreme Court both times. Unbelievers represent about eight percent of the U.S., but this has never been seen on trial before. “In God we trust” was put on all money by the U.S. government in 1955, and in 1956 Congress adopted it as the U.S. national motto according to Fox News and Time magazine.

Newdow may think that this should come off money, but many Christians around the world do not agree with him.

“I think that that this will never be taken off of money because of the majority of religions. People came to America to be free, in exchange we have a few words on our money, I think that that is a fair trade,” said seventh grader Tanner Saxton.

Other Christians think it would be too much work to change it,

“There is so much money with those words on it, that I think it would be super hard to change all the money they are making because of a few people, they do not have to view God like a Christian, it isn’t this big of a deal and shouldn’t have escalated to be this big,” said eighth grader Ethan Schwartz.

Even teachers think that this will never come of money.

“This will probably not come off money. For as much as America wants to try to not offend anyone about anything, we hate change more than that. So, they won’t change it”

In the lawsuit Newdow filed he makes it clear how out of line the government is with freedom of religions he thinks they are.

“By inscribing in G-d we trust on the nations coins and currency coins, defenders are making claims that, (1) there is a G-d and (2) that the people of this nation do and should trust in that G-d,” said Newdow.

Many people think that it is no big deal to have it on the U.S. money.

“I can’t understand why people would be offended by that statement on their money. First off, who really looks at their money and thinks, ‘That’s right! I totally trust in God.’ Secondly, they are just words and I do supposed people could be offended by them. But, that’s what God said would happen. Jesus is a God that offends people with the truth he tells.” said Krafft.

Even Christians that do not go to Faith agree.

”I do not think that this will ever come off money. This is something that is there and will always be there,” said a christian sixth grader at Leavitt middle school Ryan Martinez.

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