Boy’s A team basketball focusing on teamwork


Courtesy of Byron Goynes

Boy’s A team practicing for thier game on January 30 at Doolittle Community Center. They have four practices this week, they practice evryday except Tuesday.

Dubem Ezeanolue, Staff Writer

 Some people assume the game of basketball as just a hobby, but on the Faith Lutheran A team basketball, it is more than just a game. It is something they love to do and would not change anything.

Though over 50 students tried out for Boys Basketball, only 12 students are chosen per team. There are three teams the A team, the B team, and the C team. With only three teams, only 36 out of the 50 students will make a team.

Many students decided to tryout, not only to find an after school activity, but to enjoy one of their favorite games from a young age.

“It’s my favorite sport, and I have been playing it since third grade,” said A team player Dominic Muncey.

Not only does A team need to work hard at practices and games, they also need to work together as a team to accomplish all their goals. Without teamwork the team would slowly fall apart.

To be on A team, not only need to know how to play basketball, but the ability to guide the team throughout a game.

“You got to be a little bit aggressive while you’re playing basketball, you also need to know how to be a leader and you have to be able to know the game of basketball” said seventh grader Joshua Goynes.

To be on A team it requires a number of skills in clouding player’s attitude and how hard they work.

“I look for several things” said A team coach, Dr. Wil Stelzer “Are they coachable, do they play hard, can they be a good teammate, and do they have the necessary skills.”

The A team recently won one out if three games in the Carnelli tournament. A team also has a 7-7 record during games. Their next game is January 30 at the Doolittle Community Center.

To be on A team, it takes not only hard work and endurance, but playing with strengths and weaknesses. Though some people are gifted with height allowing them to jump and get rebounds, others use their small size to their advantages by ducking under people and making a quick steal.

No matter the circumstances, A team plays with strength and endurance during every game pushing themselves past their limits.