Lacrosse at Faith Lutheran


Photo Credit: Michelle Saxton

Tanner Saxton (number 26) lined up at faceoff to start the game. This is at one of Faith D2 preseason games.

At Faith Lutheran, Lacrosse season has started up, and all the teams are preparing for the seasons they hope to have. The students are all very excited for the season.

The A-team, also known as the DI team, is the team mainly representing Faith this season. This team, made up of seventh and eighth graders, is lead by Coach Eric Hoffend. “I am very excited for the season, and I hope we win lots of games,” said A-team player Chase Camper.

Next is the DII or B-team. This team, made up of sixth and seventh graders, coached by Mike Hoffmann, is ready to have a great season just like the A team. Other than the goal of winning games, the players have another goal. “My main goal this season is to beat A team,” said B-team player, William Plise.

The DIII team or the C-team is made up of fifth and sixth graders. This team is ready to prove themselves to the coaches for the upcoming years. The players are ready to do their best and strive to win every game they play.

The players on every team believe they can win and will have a great season.

”Our team is good enough to win almost every game this season,” said B team player Tanner Saxton.

The players believe they can win and like the peple hey are playing with. “Our team is coming together really well and we are starting to play together as a team and not as individuals,”said Kyler Winters, a player on the B team. “We have got a great chance of winning.”

The coaches are very excited and confident about the season as well. “We have a really exciting season ahead of us. Lacrosse at Faith is gaining momentum, and all of the players are very excited for the season,”said Hoffend via email.

The Schedule is as follows: The pre-season starts January 20, then the league games start for all teams on February 20. Then the Best of the West tournament for D1/D2 is on February 26th, 27th, and 28th. The regular season then ends April 27. Then the playoffs. The D1 team is the only team in them. They start April 29 and go though May 4. During that, D2/D3 play the End of season Jamboree. The league championship is Saturday, May 7th, then the biggest part of the whole season, if the D1 team can make it that far, the NV state championship. That game is on May 14-15.

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