Faith Lutheran students and staff embrace the newest trend, Lokai bracelets


Photo by Sabrina Richards

Amelia Coumou, a seventh grader, displays her Lokai bracelet boldly as she appreciates the story that inspired the bracelet. Lokai bracelets have a purpose of creating balance in people’s lives.

Sabrina Richards, Staff Writer

Nike Elite socks. Silly Bands. Kendamas. Lokai bracelets may have joined the list of Faith Lutheran fads. The bracelets seem like a current craze students enjoy, but some students still question whether they have the chance to become something more powerful than just the “latest thing,” at Faith Lutheran.

The official Lokai brand chose the name “Lokai” for their product with a special intention in mind. According to the website, the word lokai comes from the Hawaiian word “lokahi,” which means unity and balance.

“(The bracelets) are supposed to balance out your whole life,” Marie Schlaf, a seventh grader said.
Along with bringing balance and calm times to the owner’s life, the bracelet’s creators hope to motivate people throughout even the worst of days.

“It reminds me to just keep going everyday,” said Reese Rivera, a seventh grader.

Unlike many other accessories, Lokai bracelets are more than just rubber beads. Two beads in the bracelet have very special elements inside that represent unique ideas.

“In the white bead is water from Mount Everest,” Rivera said.

The one white bead in the bracelet contains a single drop of water from the famous Himalaya mountain, that sherpas, people known for talented skills and climbing techniques, scaled to obtain buckets of the inspiring water. Since the top of Mount Everest is the highest point on Earth, the white bead reminds wearers to stay humble when they reach their highest point

On the contrary, the black bead in the bracelet represents a completely opposite idea.

“Inside the black bead is mud from the Dead Sea,” said Amelia Coumou, a seventh grader.

From the lowest point on Earth’s surface, a sprinkle of mud from the Dead Sea motivates those who wear Lokai bracelets to stay hopeful through hardships.

Many trends come and go from year to year at Faith Lutheran, and no one truly knows if this fad will even last. For right now, students and faculty adore the new accessory.

“There was something about (the Lokai bracelet) that just attracted me to it. I believe it is uplifting, even if it is just a mental thing,” said Mr. David Pendley, a Faith Theology teacher. “If being able to look at (the bracelet) and know what’s in it for myself, helps me to feel more at peace and just kind of in a great zone.”

Not only does the story behind the bracelet inspire people, but the bracelet itself has excites students.

“(The bracelet) looks really comfortable, and seems like it would pull on
your arm, but they don’t. (They) look really cute,” seventh grader Alyssa McCombs said.

A debate does brew from Lokai bracelets, though. Do students purchase Lokai bracelets because it is the “it thing,” or do people really know and believe why the bracelets have powerful aspects?
Tori Fugitt, a seventh grader, bought her bracelet because, “everyone has it, so I didn’t want to feel left out, and they are cool.”

Meanwhile, some students and teachers at Faith really do believe the purpose of Lokai is not to fit in, but rather to motivate the those who wear the bracelet everyday.

“I wear my bracelet because it is like a symbol of balance,” said Rivera.

Pendley likes to believe students buy Lokai bracelets because of the significant message that flows into the wearer when the bracelet is on.

“I think they probably really understand the story behind (Lokai bracelets). Maybe
twenty percent of it may be a trend, but I feel like it’s something that (Faith students) can appreciate because of what’s going on within,” Pendley said.

Some students have already created tradition within their family using the Lokai bracelets.

“My dad has always taught me to learn about the love of geography, so I thought it was really cool having a part of geography in the bracelet,” Coumou said.

Contrary to that, some students just do not love the bracelets.

“They are funny in my opinion, and who would want to wear mud around
their wrist?” seventh grader Riley Carroll said.

Authentic Lokai bracelets can be purchased at Each bracelet costs $18.

Lokai donates ten percent of their net profit to various charities including Save The Children, the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, and many more. Some organizations even have their own limited edition bracelets representing their organization.

“When (students) wear (the bracelet) they would know that they are helping
someone in need,” said Sydney Bell, a seventh grader.

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