Social Media: The effects on pupil’s lives


Lauren Kling

Seventh grade student Caitlin Choi logs into her social media account during a passing period. Many students are on social media during school hours and after school for a fair amount of time.

Lauren Kling, Staff Writer

There are definitely some positive things about social media, but according to it “is more addictive than cigarettes.”

One of the upsides is that “it helps you stay connected with friends who don’t live in the same state as you or who go to another school,” said Nicola Talbot, an eighth grader.

There are some students who like social media, but believe they don’t need it.

“I like looking at stuff, but I could live without it. It is just a way to connect with friends,” said eighth grader, Isabelle Cottingham.

While it is fun to use, adults want to keep students from getting carried away when using social media sites.

“I do believe there are some benefits from social media, but there needs to be balance,” said Middle School assistant principal, Jacob Kothe.

Some social media sites help people look at things differently.

“Regression analysis found that those who use MySpace have significantly higher levels of perspective taking,” said

With the good, there is some bad.

“It wastes time and it doesn’t get you anywhere. It won’t matter how many followers you have in the future,” said Christiana Vancura, seventh grader.

Some students believe people are telling them what to do, or are being bullied because of the things they do or post.

“Society tells you what you have to be,” said Talbot.

“Some kids are being bullied because of what they posted, and some people brag,” Cottingham.

For some students, their lives revolve around social media, and that is not healthy.

“My concern is that students are so attached to social media that it gets in the way, or distracts them from other activities or school work,” said Kothe.

Sometimes social media affects how we view people.

“We found that the typical internet user is more than twice as likely as others to feel that people can be trusted,” said

Some students are not on social media, and do not intend to get on it.

“Social media is stupid,” said Vancura.

Seventh grader, Emily Fung, agrees.

“I don’t want to be on social media because then people will know everything about you but you might not know them,” said Fung.

Despite everyones’ varied opinions, social media is here to stay.

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