Five-week charity helps families in Nevada


Seventh grader Kylie Harris puts money for the penny drive in her grade’s box. This was a competition between the middle school grades during the first week of the Hearts 4 Jesus campaign at Faith Lutheran.

Kelsey Howryla

Every year, the Pacific Southwest District (PSW) chooses a new organization to raise money and other items for during the months of January and February. This year, PSW has chosen Lutheran Social Services to raise money, food, and clothes for.

At Faith, all of the items raised by the students will be sent to the Lutheran Social Services of Nevada (LSSN). The LSSN does programs throughout the year to help needy families in Nevada.

Faith does the Hearts 4 Jesus fundraiser, during January and February that includes every Lutheran school in the district.  The PSW consists of Southern Nevada, Arizona, and Southern California. This year, they all send their raised money and items to their state social services.

Faith Lutheran has participated in this campaign ever since they became a school.

“Once Faith became a school and were part of the Pacific Southwest District, they became part of the Hearts 4 Jesus campaign,” said Director of Student Life Julie Buuck.

Faith will not only raise money but also food and clothes for families in need.

“It’s not just about bringing in money, because a lot of people just don’t have that,” said Buuck about the Hearts 4 Jesus campaign.

Students at Faith like the idea of helping the familes in need in a variety of different ways.

“I like the idea of raising food and clothes because people need that more than the need money,” said eighth grade student council member Sanniyah Haye.

The five week campaign collects a different item every week to give to the LSSN. Starting on the last week of January, Faith had a competition throughout the middle school called the Penny Drive.  All three grades tried to collect more money than the others to win.Any money was dropped off in the cafeteria during the middle school lunches.

For the first week of February, Faith will do a charity called Hands and Feet for Jesus, where students will collect gloves and socks for LSSN. The second week, called Jeans for Jesus allows students to wear jeans for a school day as long as they pay five dollars when the arrive at school.

For the third week of February, Faith will do a Green Light Foods Drive which collects foods for LSSN.

“Normally when you do a food drive, all you can do is bring canned and non-perishable items, but for this you can bring fruits, vegetables, and perishable items,” said Buuck.

For the last week of Hearts 4 Jesus, called Nutrition Kitchen, the LSSN opens a kitchen for needy families. This teaches them how to create a nutritious meal for themselves and their families. Each grade at Faith will collect a different spice such as salt or pepper.

This charity helps families get clothes and food they may never have had the opportunity to have.

“This charity helps people that are less fortunate than others and provides things that others may not have,” said seventh grader Skye Landez.