Faith Lutheran Middle and High School hosts the annual Lutheran Fine Arts Festival


Arts students are drawing artwork to be showcased at the Lutheran Fine Arts Festival. The Lutheran Fine Arts Festival showcases art, choir, band, and drama at their finests.

Louis De Salvio, staff writer

Faith Lutheran hosted the annual Lutheran Fine Arts Festival on January 30, 2016. This festival incorporated students at Lutheran schools from all around the Las Vegas Area. In this event, students performed and showcased their musical, instrumental, artistic, and dramatic talents.

One of the biggest aspects of the Fine Arts Festival, music, encompasses choir, band, and musical theatre. Choir and band had much to do with the festival as MS and sixth grade choir preform songs with and without other choirs. Band and orchestra also had their time to shine. At a separate time on January 30, band and orchestra from Faith and other schools preformed all different songs from all different composers.

Mrs. Sandra Youmans, the head choir teacher at Faith Lutheran, enjoys the Fine Arts Festival and enjoys the coming together of schools.

“I enjoy it because it shows the younger student  that music is something they can continue to enjoy” Youmans said. As someone who prepares a many different students to preform, she trains her students in fun yet strict ways.

“Practice,practice, practice, is key. I always work really hard on the songs with all groups.” Said Youmans.

Art is large part of the festival. All around the school students art is displayed. Many different art projects are seen at many different places. The Chapel and Performing Center is just one viewing area, or students could always catch art in the halls all year long. The art in  the CPAC is predominately featured At the festival as many different students from Lutheran schools all around the Las Vegas valley.

Drama still is apart of the fine arts festival but, to a lesser extent. Drama helps the choir students during a period of down time they have. Faith Lutheran High School drama students set up games and fun activities for the students to play during the down time.

Most all choir, drama, art, band and orchestra students’ also enjoy the Fine Arts Festival. Seventh grader Patrick Park is currently in the MS Choir and is happy to preform in the festival.

“I enjoy it. I especially love the nervous feeling when you go to the stage,” Park said prior to the event.

Park has always loved singing and choir.

“I love singing because when I sing it calms my mind.”

Sarah Fredrick, a seventh grader currently in the explore art program, has become interested by the fact her art is displayed around school

“I like the fact that students art is displayed around school for everyone to see and those who attended the arts festival to see.”

The Fine Arts Festival has been a tradition at Faith for over 25 years.

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