Middle School to premiere “Beverly Hillbillies”


Erin Thompson

Picture of the Beverly Hillbillies rehearsal. Before the opening night.

Erin Thompson, Staff writer

Faith Lutheran’s version of “The Beverly Hillbillies” comes to the Chapel Performing Arts Center on Dec. 4-6. Director Marissa McCoy, and assistant director Kay Meyer have worked hard since September to produce a family friendly and entertaining play. The play is a new version of the classic hit show about a poor family who moved to Beverly Hills, California after becoming rich. “The Beverly Hillbillies” soon became one of the most watched television program in eight out of its nine running seasons.

Daniel Antonino tells how the show and the play differ in many ways. “The characters are a little bit different,” said Antonino, an eighth grader who plays Jed Clampett, the dad of the family in the play. A lot of time, work, and effort have gone into producing the middle school play.

As students and staff helpers get ready for opening night, students involved may have a minimum of at least four rehearsals a week, each lasting about three hours long.

“It’s a lot of work and memorization skills,” said eighth grader Gracie Parker, who plays Granny Moses.

Other participants agree there is a lot to work on to get ready for the opening night.

“You also have to remember blocking, which is also hard to remember on top of the lines,” said play participant, and seventh grader Leah Butler.

The Faith version of “The Beverly Hillbillies” may also differ from other plays in the past in multiple ways.

“It’s purely comedy, and has a variety of different types of characters,” said Parker. Butler agrees. “All the adults will understand what it’s about,” said Butler. “It’s such an iconic show.”

There’s a lot to look forward to with “The Beverly Hillbillies.” “Everyone is talking about how great it’s going be,” said seventh grader Olivia Robertson. “I am looking forward to go see it with my friends.”

The Beverly Hillbillies has something for the whole family. “It’s so funny. I think it will just be great,”said Butler. “It will be special.”   Director Marrissa McCoy tells what people have to look forward to about the play, and why it would be special. “The way we do it is a little bit different than you might expect,” McCoy says. “Our show has a lot of audience interaction.” “I love working with the kids, they’re hilarious, and they are some of the most creative, and interesting people I have ever had the chance to work with.” McCoy said finally. “You’ll have to come see it.”

There are multiple way to purchase tickets for the play. You can purchase tickets online at the Faith Lutheran website, for any of the 3 performances for December 4-6. The price can range from five to twelve dollars at www.faithconservatory.com.