Charlie Brown and his friends make a comeback in “The Peanuts Movie”

The poster for the new animated film “The Peanuts Movie. The poster includes two of the main characters featured in  the film.

Kylie Pike

The poster for the new animated film “The Peanuts Movie.” The poster includes two of the main characters featured in the film.

Kylie Pike, Staff Writer

On November 6, 2015 Charles Schulz’s classic characters, the Peanuts gang, made a comeback in the new animated film, “The Peanuts Movie.”

Main character Charlie Brown has always been the outcast of the group. Finally, a new girl moves in next door, and Charlie tries to give himself a fresh start by impressing the little red-haired girl.

Director Steve Martino embraces the past and pushes it forward into the modern world. This allows kids (and adults) to enjoy the film together.

Not only did Martino do an excellent job on the storyline, but he perfected the animation to its best ability.

Being an animation film, graphics give a key perspective to viewers. While watching the movie, there showed barely any issues with the graphics. This was a major improvment from the original Peanuts movies.

Each scene consists of vibrant colors, cleans lines, and the memorable, ongoing piano playing from Schulz’s original movies.

In spite of these great qualities, some things could be improved.

For example, during the school dance a dance battle took place announcing a winner for the boys, and a winner for the girls. This scene ended a little short, and left the audience wondering what had happened next.

The cast was something in particular that stood out the most about this film. Each character was played by children rather than adults. As with previous movies, every time an adult would speak a nonsensicle sound played.

“I liked its insistence upon using voices of real children, avoiding the trap of ill-fitting celebrity voiceovers,” said film critic and entertainment reporter John Serba for MLive and The Grand Rapids Press.

Only lasting an hour and thirty minutes, many things were covered during the movie.

Not only did this film give a great reflection of the original movie, it gave a great message to kids today.

Throughout the movie Charlie Brown struggles with his confidence around his peers. Like today, many children and adults have anxiety around others, which may lower their self confidence.

The moral of the story tells kids that they shouldn’t listen to people that bring them down, but rather listen to the ones who support and believe in them.

This message then gives an example to children throughout their lives, because with determination others will see how special and great their personality is.

Overall, this movie is definitely worth watching. Even though with a G rating, adults who watched the Peanuts movies in the past, will enjoy seeing their favorite characters on the big screen.

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